Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cover reveal

I've been waiting for ages to see what the cover of my  June book A Question of Honour  would be like. Over the years I've had some  great covers - and some not so great!   I was sent the cover of the USA Presents cover a month or so again    and I liked that  - it  has the atmosphere of the story - and the characters  (Karim and Clementina)  have the right colouring (not always the case!)

But I was waiting to see what the UK/M&B Modern cover was like. I found it last night on Amazon - and I have to say that I'm thrilled - I love it.  Again  Karim and Clementina look just right - but  this one has  more impact I think. More of the  right atmosphere - more  emotion.

It would make me want to pick this book off the shelves  anyway. I think it's a winner.

What do you think?  So- do you prefer  A Question of Honor (USA)? Or A Question of Honour (UK) ?

My lovely web designer Heather has been busy updating my web site  - so you can find more details about A Question of Honour/Honor - and read an excerpt on its  special page here 

Oh , and while I'm talking about covers, I also just got the cover for the 3 in 1 collection  Eligible Greeks: Sizzling Affairs  - which contains  a reprint of my  2010 book The Good Greek Wife. 

This one is out  on May 1st 2014.


TashNz said...

Love the covers but my faves are always the UK covers :)

Kate Walker said...

Thanks Tash! Sometimes the covers can be hit or miss - but these are a hit! I like the UK covers too - when they work!

Mary Preston said...

Both good, but I do like the UK cover better.

Kate Walker said...

I agree Mary - I really do like the UK cover best this time.,


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