Friday, October 18, 2013

Where was I?

I can’t quite believe how long it is since I blogged. But then when I look back I realised that I did cram quite a bit into  those  14 days!

What have I been up to?

Well, I went to the Crime Writers’ Association (Northern Chapter) lunch  in Boroughbridge.  I was there as  the Babe Magnet’s plus one because he’s the crime writer in this family. It was fascinating meeting a bunch of writers who all write popular fiction but in a very different  way from the romance writers I know. I ended up having an interesting discussion with  my friend Lesley Horton who wanted  to introduce a romantic relationship into her latest  book. We have very different styles and subjects – but that romance element  needs something of the same approach, no matter which sort of fiction you’re writing.

Barely back from the CWA, we were on the move again – to York  to meet with friend and fellow Presents Author Trish Morey. You’ll remember her from the 40 for 40 celebrations – but this time we got

to celebrate in person. We also got to talk and talk – and talk . . .  Books, heroes, settings, roma
nce . . .  When writers get together there’s no stopping the conversation.

What else?  Ah, yes  there was that vital thing that makes me a romance writer. Writing! It’s been a difficult year for getting words on the page so I was really thankful when I finally typed the last few words on a new book ( working title A Question of Honour)  and  sent it off to my editor with a huge sigh of relief .

I had an even huger sigh   -  of delight – when she got back to me within just  a couple of days and told me that she loved the book! ‘A truly fantastic read’ she said. And there were no revisions, just some small ‘tweaks’  - small additions just to deepen a few areas. So that was  where the rest of the week went . . . tweaking.

And the tweaking worked because  this week I heard from my editor that the book was accepted, bought  and scheduled – we were just waiting for a title. Debates followed – and the title we ended up with was my original working title. So I’m delighted to be able to say that

A Question  of  Honour will be published in Mills & Boon Modern Romance and Harlequin Presents  in June 2014.

So that's my 62nd title with Harlequin.  I don’t have a cover or anything else yet, but as soon as I know more, I’ll share with you.

Since then I’ve been offered an new contract and I am already planning the next new book – and hoping life will give me a bit more  of a peaceful time and space in which to write it.

So I have time to relax and ‘refill the well’ with reading – and next week the Babe Magnet and I are off to  enjoy another of our 40 special events for our Ruby Wedding celebrations. This one will be a trip to Oxford where we are going to the stage revival tour  of West Side Story. Why that? Well it's a really romantic story  - if tragic - but also because we had been to see the film version of West Side Story  on the day we finally decided on the date for our wedding – so naturally it has  very special memories.
And before  I go - I have to send Congratulations to the top 50 entrants to the SYTYCW   contest who have had their first chapters selected to go into the next round -  Good luck with the next stage of the contest!
And those who didn't get selected? The only way  forward is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off -  and start again.  I understand  - and I sympathise - but  it really is the only way.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Pink Heart Day

It's been a busy week  - or two.   I've been nose to the grindstone doing that thing that novelists have to do - writing! It's been good to have come concentrated writing time, but  a few other things, like blogging have had to go by the wayside as I focused my attention on that.

As a result I lost track of time and almost forgot that today is the first Friday of the month - but luckily I remembered just in time.

Because of course the first Friday of the month is my day for blogging over at The Pink Heart Society. 

So that's where you'll find me today - talking about one of my  favourite romance books  and a favourite author. Anne Mather.

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