Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Craft Post

Do you like posts on the craft of writing?  I haven't done one of those for ages - but to mark the publication of the new paperback edition of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance,  I've done a couple for sites  I'm visiting.

The first on is over on Kelly Steel's blog Happy Ever After  where I'm talking about conflict.

And there's a kindle version of the 12 Point Guide to give away to one  lucky comm

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Coming up for air

I've been so busy with revisions for the latest book  with  my sexy sheikh and his  arranged marriage, that I'd almost forgotten that the publication date for my April book -  Olivero's  Outrageous Proposal is this coming week. ( In fact I think it's actually out already in some places and in the Presents edition in America.)

So  when I lifted my thoughts from the  and went to look, I was thrilled to find that it has  been getting some lovely reviews as well as being in  the Top Ten on the Mills & Boon web site since the  1st  week of March.

It's also lovely to  see some great reviews - not just because  they give it 5 stars  but because it shows that readers are enjoying Dario and Alyse's story - always the best thing for a writer to read!

On the Mills & Boon web site there's this one:

Mrs Walker's renaissance continues with this fast-paced, evocative and emotional story with scintillating characters especially the brooding and mixed-up Dario. With great tension and dialogue this is exactly what this reader wants in an M&B Modern. Ten out of ten

And on Amazon.com

Marriage of convenience? Those are stories that I really like.
This one started as a game to thwart one man and ended up bringing the main leads into a tangled chaos of titles and pedigrees as if there was no difference between looking for a wife and looking for a horse for your farm.
Olivero suggests (or rather commands very subtly) that they get married and Alysse who has to do something to resolve the issue of getting the family debt paid sees no way round it.
A story where a relationship is as much pretense as it is real and the emotions just run out of control. Wanting something with all your heart but are not able to even voice them.
Awesomely portrayed Kate, I simply loved it.!

Hina Tabassum 

And another -

 OLIVERO’S OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL by author Kate Walker is an April 2015 release by Harlequin Presents.
Alyse Gregory wanted to get away from one persistent suitor so she planned on being seen with another man. But meeting Dario Olivero put the plan put of her mind as she was scorched by desire so hot that there was nothing else on her mind.
Yet was Dario also hit by desire or had she played in his hands? Then he proposed marriage to her as a way of getting out of her problems, would she accept it? Now that she knew why he came after her in the first place?
What would happen to their super-charged chemistry? Would they give in to their passion? But Dario doesn’t do family, what would he do when Alyse drops the bombshell on him?
OLIVERO’S OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL is a sizzling romance. Author Kate Walker once again brought a tale of romance shimmering with emotions and sensuality. A reader would stay hooked to the book till the very last page.
Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 
Nas Dean 

My thanks to the lovely reviewers who have made my day with these comments.

And a quick check shows that the new paperback edition of the 12 Point Guide to Writing 
is now in stock on Amazon.com .  and Amazon.co.uk.    Oh,  and on Barnes and Noble too. So it's easily available.
But if you want free worldwide delivery - then try  The Book Depository where  you'll also get a discount on the price.

Back to the revisions - but next week I'll be celebrating the official publication date of Olivero's Outrageous Proposal on the 2nd April - which will be quite a special publication date as I'll be sharing  it with the publication of a new book by  The Babe Magnet  as we arrive in the shops together!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Eclipse Day

As I write this, here in the UK the eclipse of the sun is just beginning.  Luckily the sky was clear and bright and the sun vivid in the sky when I woke up so  the growing silence and a slight lessening of that brilliance is  already creeping over the world outside. And the birds are growing quieter too, after singing a wild dawn chorus earlier.

I remember that when there last was an eclipse of the sun,  I was up early because I was writing and I really wanted to get my book finished before the eclipse happened. I managed it -  just!  That book was the one that ended up being titled  Rafael’s Love-Child.
Yesterday I had a delivery of a box of books  - always a happy event  - but this one was something slightly different. For some time  now, since I  revised and put out the new Kindle ebook edition of  the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance,  I've had people write and ask about a new paperback edition.  Yes, they say, the Kindle version is cheap and easy to get hold of  but  an actual  print copy is something  else.   You can mark it up, scribble in the margins, go to town with a highlighter to show the Important bits for you. And you can easily flip  back and forth to find what you need.

So, by popular request, I’ve  organised a new and updated  paperback edition of the 12 Point Guide  - and this is out now.  Please note, there isn't new material in  this book. It’s brought up to date with the names  and existence of some of the lines, etc by  changing names or removing the  details of the lines altogether but that’s all.   Oh, and I've managed to make sure that this new edition  is  a bit cheaper than the last edition –  so it’s  £9.99 instead of £10.99 – and it should be available more easily in America.   The details are up on  Amazon UK  and Amazon.com. Hopefully B&N  and others will follow. And if it’s on the Book Depository it will be delivered free.  

Oh, and this edition has the great new cover – so that’s  the new one, like the Kindle.

As I’ve always said, this book is to help everyone who’s keen to learn about writing romance  but who can’t manage to get to one of my  workshops  here in the UK.  Which, reminds  me, I’ll have some more details about the workshops coming up  for the rest of the year. After the fabulous time I had at the Focus on Writing Romance Writing Retreat I enjoyed  last weekend, I’m really looking forward to those – Coming up,  Wales (Fishguard) Cirencester,  Derbyshire . . .  And some of those are already at least half booked up!

But for now I’m going to watch the eclipse – but without looking straight at it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Just back from a wonderful enjoyable and productive Focus on Writing Romance retreat at Weetwood  Hall with Relax and Write.  Such a great weekend  - I enjoyed every minute and  I had a fabulous group of students. It was fabulous to see everyone working together, discussing writing,
problems and sharing possible answers and ideas.  We had so much fun and I'm still aching from laughing.

Thanks so much to everyone who was there!  I had a fabulous productive and stimulating time - so much so that I'm planning on another Writing Retreat at The Hayes in October.

Wishing everyone - especially my Irish friends  - a really happy St Patrick's Day. This is when |I really remember my Irish roots. When I was a child,  aunt always used to send us some shamrock from Dublin for March 17th and I remember going to school with a bit of wilting greenery attached to my uniform dress.

It seems that St Pat has  brought me the luck of the Irish because  I was just checking out the M&B website and discovered that Olivero's Outrageous Proposal is at #1 on  the Mills & Boon  page  there.  Huge thanks to everyone who bought a copy to put it there.

The official publication day isn't until  April 1st but I did see  copies on sale in Tesco yesterday in their 2 in 1 editions  - in the company of the lovely Annie West's great book   ^The Sheikh's Princess Bride - so it is out in some places.

Hope your St Patrick's Day is happy too.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to blogging

 . . . Well, sort of
That was a busy week. I knew it was going to be  but there was a lot to get through!
A lovely visit with my sister - catching up on things and taking her out to see the lovely Lincolnshire town of Beverly

Finishing the book (Yipee!) and getting it to my editor - now waiting for revisions to land but as the saying goes you can always edit a bad page you can't edit an empty one./

Then to Harrogate for an overnight stay and afternoon tea at Bettys  - followed by a trip to the theatre to watch a  spooky production - Edith In The Dark.  I have mentioned before that I do love a good spooky story - and this a good one - with great performances by the small (only 3 ) cast. Really good performances by all of them.

Back home to get sorted out  - away again this weekend, running a Focus on Writing Romantic Fiction writing retreat at Weetwood Hall.  So looking forward to this.  This one is sold out now but there will be more Relax and Write courses coming up later in the year -  next one is in June.

And today is my blogging over on the Tote Bags N Blogs site - so there's a post there as well.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Pink Heart Society Day

My sister arrives  today.  It would have been our mother's  99th birthday so we are having a special meal and  will toast her memory this evening.

My mother is also the subject of my blog over on The Pink Hearts Society.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Another reason to smile

It isn't actually published yet - not on the bookshop shelves that is - but Olivero's Outrageous Proposal is on sale over on the Mills & Boon web site.

But only just.  So I was thrilled to see over  there that it's already at #3 in the top 10 bestsellers  as of this morning!

Another reason to smile! (I just realised that the official publication date is April 1st! I hope this isn't an April Fool.)

My sister is coming to visit for a few days so I might be otherwise occupied for a while   - so in case I forget or don't get to the computer (you know what sisters are like for talking!)  I'll just remind you that tomorrow is my day for posting over on the Pink Heart Society  when I'll be talking about another important member of my family and the important legacy of books and story-telling she left me.

Oh - and if you haven't got hold of a copy of the 3 in 1 By Request Secret Love-Child and you want one - Amazon UK has reduced it  from £5.99 to just £3.85 - and it's in the 3 paperbacks for £10 deal. This is the collection that has my Kept for Her Baby in it.

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