Friday, December 23, 2016

Giveaway books

    Giveaway books have gone out to all the winners who have sent me their addresses. Obviously (sadly) I can't guarantee them reaching anyone by Christmas Day but they will be heading your way just as fast as the postal service organises it. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and joined in.

    And the good news is that, yes, my sprained back is a lot better! It feels wonderful to be able to move around more easily at last.

    The Babe Magnet's brother has gone home now - it was rather a confusing time for Ruby as she couldn't quite tell the two of them apart! She enjoyed sharing Andy's bed with him, though! Now she's back cuddling up to us again until the spare bed is occupied again - there will be more visitors in the week after Christmas. Great to have dear friends close enough to visit when they have been on the opposite side of the world for years. I'm sure Ruby will make them as welcome as she did the Magnet's brother - we had to check that his luggage wasn't purring as he left!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway winners

OK - Charlie took some persuading that he needed to pick some winners before he had his supper
- but I managed to persuade him -

So the winners are:

Jeanne M whose cat Nathan wants a knitted angel to play with!
Denise who nominated her friend Kim,
'Petite' who nominated her friend Anne who is dealing with illness.
Ann Cameron
Franca Poli
Lynn Brooks
Amanda Gardner
Mahalakshmi Chari
Gretchen Miller

There are a few more winners but Charlie has lost interest and I'll have to find Ruby instead! Hang on!!
 So Ruby has picked:
Cheryl Lang
Remya Pillai
Maia John
Mari Lou
Please send me addresses ladies!
That is the end of the 'official' number of winners - but as it's Christmas I have let Ruby choose one
special person who needs an extra treat this Christmas - and she has picked  a lady nominated by your friend Gillian on Facebook.  I think she's made a good choice as this lady has  had a some sad times this year.  A gift package has gone out to her.

I think I’ve contacted everyone to ask for an address-  but if you haven’t yet been in touch with me, then  please email me - katewalker at to send me your postal addresses ladies!
If you're on Facebook please contact me with your postal address

Some winners were on Tote Bags N Blogs so I'll contact them direct

Ruby and Charlie would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and  holiday time - with love peace and joy to come in  2017

Friday, December 16, 2016

12 Days of Christmas - some winners

OK - Charlie took some persuading that he needed to pick some winners before he had his supper - but I managed to persuade him - 
so first set of winners are:

Jeanne  M whose cat Nathan wants a knitted angel to play with!
Denise who nominated her friend  Kim, 
'Petite' who nominated her friend Anne who is dealing with illness. 
Ann Cameron 
Franca Poli

If you're on Facebook please contact me with your postal address
Some winners were on Tote Bags N Blogs so I'll contact them direct

And  there are still   7 more prizes  and three more days to comment/post/share either here or on Facebook  for a chance to win!

This giveaway closes on Monday

12 Days of Christmas - partway there!

Well,  I think I was rather over optimistic  to think that I would be able to get caught up, wrap all the gifts and put them in the mail, write and post the cards. . . .

And run the 12 Days of Christmas!!

OK so some of this got done - there are parcels on their way to people - and there are cards out there in the mail system too! But unfortunately I've found that this wretched back injury is taking longer to heal up that I had hoped for - and wished for.

But not to worry,   Charlie has  decided that we can get some names out of the hat (or in his case out of the  cat treats selection!)  so that these can get on their way - and you still have the weekend to post a comment and   be in with a chance of winning if you haven't already had your name chosen this time.

So this is how it works - here is the bundle of books  in the giveaway

And here is the bundle of angels - knitted ones and glass ones - that are the extra gifts in the giveaway.

And here is Charlie   ready to pick the names from those who have entered already!

Each of the books has a number on the back - from 1 to 12 and as Charlie picks names they will be assigned  a book - #1 for the first  #2 the second, and so on.

So I'm off to get the Maine man to do his job and will post some winners' names as soon as I know them.

And as I said, if you didn't win  yet or if you haven't entered and want to be in with a chance then past a comment here - and share the giveaway with your friends - or post on my blog as well.

Back soon! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Writing course queries . . .

Another thing that got forgotten - well, no, not forgotten but had to be put on the 'to do list ' that is s-l-o-w-l-y being worked through is the answer to the enquiries I've had about writing courses I'll be running in 2017 - which is getting dangerously, frighteningly near!

So here's a quick reminder of the first such course/weekend that is coming - in February 2017 - - Winter Workshop Weekend
Friday 17th February – Sunday 19th February 2017

 As always, I will be running the Advanced Romance Writing Course in Fishguard at Writers' Holiday Fishguard
A series of six advanced novel workshop sessions led by Kate Walker. This course is open to previous Fishguard workshop OR Caerleon Romance course participants OR those who have been on Kate’s basic Romance courses OR Kate’s workshops elsewhere. It is NOT for beginners. Designed especially for Fishguard to move you on, the whole weekend will be concentrated on this workshop – without other distractions. Guests are encouraged to complete and submit work to Kate prior to the weekend commencement.
Usually this course is booked up months ahead but this time because of unexpected health issues or travel problems, I do have a couple of spare places if you're interested - either message me/email via my web site - or send and enquiry via the Writers Holiday Newly updated web site.

And if you don't want to join the Advanced Romance Writing Course - there's always Poetry (with Alison Chisholm) Short Story Writing with Della Galton,   Basic Novel Writing with Rachael Thomas and Painting and Drawing with Susan Alison.  All details are on the web site.

I haven't forgotten the need for details of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway - but I went out to the shops this morning and so have to recover first!! But those details will follow. But everyone's posts/comments will be noted and go into the draw for winners next week - Charlie is delighted!

Monday, December 12, 2016

12 Days of Christmas . . . .well, it was meant to be!!

I'm running late for  Christmas - a nasty fall and a badly sprained back has seen to that and meant that everything is  running behind right now.  Er . . .no, not really - I really mean that everything is crawling behind  s-l-o-w-ly and I'm buried under lists of Things To Do, parcels to wrap, presents to post . . .

Normally I run a sort of Advent Calendar countdown on my blog but that's not going to be possible this year  - so I'm doing a sort of   condensed 12 Days of Christmas version - crammed into  6 days! With 2 gifts each day.

And as today is the 12 th December,  you'll know that the 12th is the day I post my regular blog over on Tote Bags N Blogs -  so that's where I'm posting the news about the start of this  (mini!) celebration.

So why don't you join me over on Tote Bags N Blogs today  - and then from tomorrow on this blog here  or on my Facebook author page   and you might be able to win yourself an extra little Christmas gift - or maybe one for a friend or family member who could do with  something to brighten their day  at the moment . (I love sending giveaway books that are a surprise and come with love and thoughts
 from one of my readers.)

Charlie the Maine Coon is busy investigating  his own purrsonal Advent Calendar so that he can join in this mini-celebration and help me give away some Christmas cheer to readers.

So why not join in and give him something to do??

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Special treat for my Australian readers (another one!)

It's December - so as I turned over the page in my calendar and opened the first door on my lovely Advent Calendar (Thanks to Anne Mcallister) I was reminded that my lovely Australian readers have
a special extra book treat coming out this month - and so I thought I'd share the cover with you. I love it.

Surrender to the Sheikh is another 3 in 1 collection - this one has At The Sheikh's Command, Desert Affair and Destined For The Desert King in one volume - so if it wasn't hot enough for you already down under, this could warm things up quite a bit!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Interesting Q&A

Life has been a bit hectic  and I've had my head down focusing on the revisions for the latest book -  all quite straightforward, it's just that things keep happening  that have interrupted my work time.

Anyway, this focus has meant that I foolishly forgot to mention that there is a great  books site (interviews, reviews etc) for romance and Women's Fiction   - called Bookish Jottings,  This is run by Julie who used to review my books on the  now sadly defunct  Cata Romance site.

Bookish Jottings is  Julie's own venture and  she asked if I would do a Q&A with her when Indebted to Moreno came out. I did - and then promptly got buried in  stuff and  forgot to let everyone know about it.
But today I've remembered  again - and I'm posting about the interview before I forget.

You can find the Bookish Jottings Q&A here 

And if you're interested in Julie's reviews - she reviewed Indebted To Moreno here    and she's also read the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance and has reviewed that here

Thank you for the lovely rreviews, Julie - sorry I was so late letting everyone know about them!!   The Trouble with this writing job is that sometimes  one has to focus on writing!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Special celebrations

At the beginning of October I  mentioned that  the latest Kate Walker title -   Indebted to Moreno  - was my 65th title for Harlequin. was supposed to be a ‘sky blue’ celebration. – which sounded lovely.,
But last weekend I was away on a break with some wonderful friends and they came up with a fabulous gift to mark this special milestone book and this was it:

A  scarf, printed with all the names of all the heroes and all the heroines in all my 65 books.  (There’s an extra one in there for me and my dh The Babe Magnet as well so that makes 67 names!) Someone went  to a lot of trouble to find them all and design this scarf with them on.  And that means so much to me.

Not sky blue but much more my colours.
Isn’t it wonderful?

So now I’m reminded of one of the little things in my writing that I’m very proud of  - I’ve never repeated a hero or a heroine’s name  in any of my stories. Sometimes it’s be  difficult, sometimes downright hard – but so far I’ve always managed it.  It helps me to feel that I’m writing about someone new, someone whose story I haven’t told – if they have a name I haven’t used before.
So now I’m on my 66th book. The revisions  (tweaks) my editor asked for are just about done and I’m planning the  follow up – hopefully the 67th. I already have names for the hero and heroine of the 66th – they’re  Imogen and Raoul. And the follow up  already has the names in place as  these 2 characters appear in the 66th – so they are Ciara and  - well,  her hero’s name started out being Aidan,  but it just wouldn’t work.  Even though he’s meant to be Irish – or part Irish – the name just wouldn’t ‘gel’.   

hen I realised why. Back in 1999  - and almost forgotten – I had a hero called Aidan. He appeared in a book called The Groom's RevengeAnd I’d already told his story – so I needed a new 
name.  Somehow when I looked at this name and just moved letters around a bit I found a new name that worked perfectly  – Adnan. And that felt just right. But it changed ‘Aidan’ completely and the differences altered the story – for the better, I think!

So Adnan he is and I’ll be telling his story next just as soon as I’ve sent Imogen and Raoul’s story off to my editor.

And a HUGE thank you to the special friends who made my  weekend - my year!0- with this unexpected and lovely celebration.

Friday, November 11, 2016

"New books"

There are two "new" books of mine out next week  -

Well, they're new out, but they're not new titles and I wanted to make this clear as I don;t want people to be caught out and not realise that they are new issues but not new stories.

This is because when my previous editor was leaving, she checked through some things for me and discovered that two titles of mine were not available individually in ebook form.  People had been asking about individual copies of  the two linked books - The Sicilian's Wife and A SIcilian Husband.
These books are a linked duo, with Cesare  Santorino, the hero in one of them  (The Sicilian's  Wife)   who is the half-brother of Gio Cardelli the hero of A Sicilian Husband.

One book has appeared in a  3 in 1 By Request reprint -  so if you've got a copy of Claimed By The Sicilian then you'll have a  copy of   The Sicilian's Wife  together with Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride and The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge.  But I know that a lot of readers had enquired about finding the 2nd book linked to The Sicilian's Wife to find out about Gio's story.   Many of you fell in love with him when he appeared in  Cesare and Megan's story - which is what happened to me, I hadn't planned on writing a linked duo until  Gio walked into the book and demanded  that I tell his story.

So both
of these books are now issued as individual titles if you want to catch up on them. Or if you;ve lost your original copy and would like an ebook edition.

Marriage to Cesare Santorino is all Megan has ever wanted, although never l
ike this! She's in deep trouble and, with no other choice, agrees to Cesare's offer of a mutually beneficial, convenient marriage.
Cesare makes no secret of his attraction to her. But what about love? Megan can only hope that her proud Sicilian husband might eventually come to see his young wife with more than just passion….

One night: The time it took Terrie Hayden to fall in love with a stranger.
One night: Was all that Gio Cardella thought he wanted from
However, one night proved to be not enough. The proud Sicilian
had thought his heart was totally insulated, that he would never let himself feel anything again. But Gio was being driven by desire, a need to possess…

I have included the original UK copies of these books so that you can check if you already have a copy of them and don;t need to buy  the re-issue - unless you particularly want it in ebook form!

Both titles are available from November 15th.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Remember Me

I've written very similar posts to this but I make no apologies for reposting this.

Almost 20 years ago, in another  year when November 3rd was on a Friday, we received a shocking phone call.  The Babe Magnet's beautiful and beloved younger sister  had set off to work in her new car   and never arrived. She was involved in a terrible accident and the appalling head injuries she received meant that she never recovered consciousness.

She was the BM’s little sister – the baby in the family – she had two young children, then  aged ten and twelve, and her death devastated us all.

The following July her birthday came round as a desperately empty date. There were no presents to wrap and deliver, no cards to send. But we had to mark the day somehow, So the BM and I went to the local garden centre where I bought a beautiful rose bush. The flowers are a deep, burnt orange colour with a golden centre, and the rose’s official name is ‘Remember Me’. We planted the rose bush in our garden, with the other roses we have.

It has now been there for nineteen years. The other rose bushes grow and flower and are beautiful all the summer. This rose, known as Julie’s rose, has three separate flowerings Every summer, it puts out leaves, then buds, tightly curled buds that only unfurl slowly- slowly. Other roses around it flower much earlier, but this one seems to wait to open into full bloom , without fail, in the week of July 5th – my sister-in-law’s birthday. The next time the beautiful blooms appear is in September when it should be her wedding anniversary. And then, in November, the week of her death, in spite of the cold and greyness of the weather, there is always one last flurry of flowers  opening up as if in memoriam.

I’m not quite sure what this really means. I’ve tried to do things in ways that might change them slightly – prune the rose bush slightly differently, feed the roots more - or less . The weather conditions should surely affect the way it flowers? But nothing seems to change its flowering pattern in any way. And this week, it's just the same. This is the anniversary of that accident  week  and the rose that illustrates this post is her rose, photographed this week, blooming beautifully, right on cue. I thought it was the only rose we had in flower in the garden - until I looked closer.

Next to this rose bush we had tried to plant other roses, but none of them stayed, not until Julie  and the BM's  mother - my mother in law died. Then we planted  a deep red  In Memoriam rose bush next to it. And today, while all the other roses have finished flowering, I noticed that  that rose
has a single, beautiful  flower blooming on it.

 I don’t have a great explanations for why this happens except that as a message of love between Julie, her mother,  the BM and me, it’s just about perfect.  And why we should never let those we love go without telling them how we feel about them. It's as if  Julie is saying - 'Don't forget me' - as if we could ! Or her mother.

And it reminds me once again that love is the strongest possible force humanity has. Love is the strength we have to carry on in the face of horror, tragedy and loss. That’s why I write about it.

I wish every one of you the special warmth that love can bring in your hearts today – and always

Pink Heart Society Day

It's the 3rd of November - so it's my day for blogging over on the Pink Heart Society blog  today.

So that's where you'll find me - still feeling celebratory about my 65th title - and about the lovely people I've met in person or through emails or messages as a result of this writing story of mine. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hedgehog housing crisis

We knew we still had some of the Heck family around - the housing boxes were well used, the feeding bowls regularly emptied and there was plenty of - er - hedgie poo around once those bowls had been dealt with. 

 But then we spotted the baby Hecks and realised we might need extra Hog accommodation. When we discovered that there was at least one extra Heck trying to create a new nest further up the garden, we decided we had to take action.

 A bundle of dried grass under the rhubarb leaves was just not warm or safe enough for the winter. So we've now acquired two new hog houses and put them under a protection of leaves and branches, with lots of hay for the Hecks to pull into their new homes. 

This they did with alacrity - they have been happily nesting and settling in ever since. 

The babies are down at the bottom of the garden - presumably with mother - and the food supplies are even more appreciated.

The under the rhubarb leaves hog is now settled in his new den just a few feet away - if we moved it any further, he went back into the rhubarb patch which was getting less cosy by the day. Ruby is entranced by her new prickly friend and sits on the extra hay watching him eat when she can. She investigated the feeding bowls but peanuts and sunflower hearts are not to her liking

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Enjoying escapism

Last trip to the post office - last bundle of prize books sent on their way to  the winners. Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my 65th published title.  Sharing celebrations with readers is something really special. Why do I love it so much ? Well - there's the reader who has recently lost both her sister and her brother  - and who is looking after her sister's 4 year old.  The  lady who is bed bound and loves  my books  because "reading is the only thing that takes me away." Or  the reader who is  longing for the time when her army husband comes back to her and her  sons. The lady who had just broken her wrist that afternoon.   And these are just 4 of the winners.  And people wonder why  I love to write and share 'escapism'.    It's an honour - and SUCH a compliment to think that my books can help people through difficult time and brighten a dark moment.  I know that feeling and it's wonderful to think my words have been able to  help others that way.  Here's to 'escapism'!

Now all I have to do is to tidy my desk and get back to more  writing words

And anyone who's waiting for a prize giveaway book - it's on its way! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

A little something Extra

I've had enquiries about some  of the titles of mine that are in the  great big Harlequin Sale at the moment - Until October 25th
These are titles that people are realising they missed  out on when they came out. They didn't see them on the shelves, they said?  Where were these books on sale?

And even more so  - what are Presents EXTRA???

Oh dear - this is something that I thought had gone away. It's an idea that was brought up  to get more Presents novels of the shelves back in 2009-2012.   That was when there were two issues of Presents titles each month - and the  4 other Presents Extra titles later in the month.

All  it did was confuse people.  Especially as some of the books were from the Riva/Modern Extra/  line  were included.  And some of the confusion went on to my titles issued then.

So it looks to me as if  some of my readers missed out on finding books they wanted to read.  These books are now in the big sale as ebooks - but they're nder the 'Presents Extra' label.

Still confusing people.

So I'm going to share the details of these titles in case you are one of the readers who want to catch up with the books I've written that they haven't read.

These are the titles I'm talking about:


Wanted: wife and Mother...
Staring at the granite-handsome features of Italian billionaire Ricardo Emiliani, Lucy knows she's made a mistake coming back to their palatial Lake Garda home. But she'll do anything for her baby son—even return to the husband who never loved her...
Ricardo branded his wife a gold-digger, however, tiny Marco needs his mother so he will keep Lucy captive on his private island until she proves herself a worthy wife—in every sense...


The Greek's ruthless reunion.
Sadie Carteret and Nikos Konstantos were once blissfully in love. They planned the wedding of the
year, and their union would create a powerful dynasty.
But business and pleasure should never be mixed. Nikos was accused of scheming for Sadie's money and title, and was systematically destroyed by her family. The wedding was cancelled, the relationship in tatters.
Now the ruthless billionaire has built himself back up from scratch. He will clear his name and demand what was rightfully his...
Sadie must love, honour and...obey....

The Konstantos Marriage Demand was a Romantic Times  March 2010 Top Pick  and awarded Romantic Times Best Presents Extra 2010!


The return of the proud Greek husband...
He was declared missing at sea — but now notorious Zarek Michaelis is back and ready to take control! First he'll see to his business, and then to his wayward wife...
For two years Penny has struggled to come to terms with Zarek's disappearance. But enough is enough. It's time to move on… Her proud Greek husband is still as darkly handsome as ever, and the attraction between them is just as potent. But Penny can't trust Zarek's motives — does he just want her body and the fortune he left behind…or to try again?


Her husband wants her back!
Marina thought her dreams had come true when her husband placed a wedding band on her finger. But their marriage was not the fairytale she'd hoped for, and eventually Marina walked away, her heart broken.
But two years on Pietro DInzeo no longer haunts Marina's dreams. She knows the time has come to move on, and even a summons to join him in Sicily won't deter her However, with his wife stand
ing before him, about to sign on the dotted line of their divorce papers, Pietro wonders why he ever let her go?


Standing high on the windswept moors, the lone figure of Heath Montanha vows vengeance on the woman who destroyed the last fragments of his heart...
Lady Katherine Charlton has never forgotten the stablehand with dangerous fists and a troubled heart from her childhood. Now the rebel is back, his powerful anger concealed under a polished and commanding veneer.
When ten years of scandal and secrets are unleashed, with a passionate, furious kiss, Heath's deepest, darkest wish crystallises...
Revenge -- and Kat -- will be his!

Martha Jones has never taken a risk in her whole life. Until the day she runs out on her wedding and succumbs to the magnetism of a man she has only just met! A man she knows only as Diablo.
Lone wolf Carlos Ortega won't promise Miss Jones more than one searing-hot night. Yet Carlos is shocked by Martha's sweet innocence. This runaway bride is a virgin, and it seems the repercussions of their sizzling encounter could last forever . . .

OK - so those are the books - but as I'm celebrating my 65th title - Indebted to Moreno -   I'm going to run a flash giveaway of these 'missing' books -   I have one copy of each book to give away and when they're gone they're gone!

But you're going to have to be quick!

You have just 24 hours to enter . .. . but then if you don't win the books will still be in the $1.99 sale!

Details coming up  . . .

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Huge Sale - get 42 titles in my backlist for only $1.99!!


Harlequin is running a huge backlist sale - starting today.

They have 18.000 backlist ebooks on sale for $1.99 each - on Kobo, Nook, Googleplay, Harlequin, ibooks

And they have - hang on . . . 42 - yes 42 of my backlist books available on this special offer.
So if you want to add to your collection - or if there are books you've missed in the past - grab a copy now, while they're still available.

The sale runs from today until October 25th - so grab them while they're still available at this great price.
I've found the full list of all my titles available so I'll  post them below  so you can see what you might be missing.


·         THE PROUD WIFE
·         WIFE FOR A DAY
·         HERS FOR A NIGHT


       Details of all these books  are available on my web site  - on the Kate's Backlist page

Friday, October 07, 2016

A special Australian By Request Collection - your chance to get your hands on some older Kate Walker titles!

So - a few days ago, I promised my lovely Australian readers that there was some special news about my books coming up - well, here it is!

This month, as well as the Sexy edition of Indebted to Moreno, there is a special 'By Request - Popular Bestsellers ' 3 in 1 collection of 3 of my past titles on sale as well. This collection is called Resisting All Temptation - and the books in this collection are: A Question of Honour, The Konstantos Marriage Demand and Saturday's Bride.

Obviously, these are all reprints - A Question of Honour (which originally had the same cover as this collection) came out in 2014, The Konstantos Marriage Demand won the Romantic Times Best  Presents Extra in 2010 and Saturday's Bride goes right back to 1999!

So it's great to see these older titles get a new edition. If there are books you missed the first time around - or if you had a copy but lost it, then now's your chance to grab a copy in this special new Australian edition! If you want any more details on these titles  here they are:

A Question Of Honour

A runaway princess...
It should have been easy. Karim al Khalifa, crown prince of Mazarkhad, had one task—retrieve rebellious princess Clementina Saveneski from her hideout in England and return her home to be another man.
His to find, or his to keep?
It is not for Karim to notice her alluring scent, those seductive curves, the enticing glances she sends his way. No, his family's honor, and his own, require Clementina to be delivered—pure and untouched—to her unwanted bridegroom. And he must resist all temptation to keep her for himself!

The Konstantos Marriage Demand

The Greek's ruthless reunion.
Sadie Carteret and Nikos Konstantos were once blissfully in love. They planned the wedding of the year, and their union would create a powerful dynasty.
But business and pleasure should never be mixed. Nikos was accused of scheming for Sadie's money and title, and was systematically destroyed by her family. The wedding was cancelled, the relationship in tatters.

Now the ruthless billionaire has built himself back up from scratch. He will clear his name and demand what was rightfully his...

Sadie must love, honour and...obey....

Saturday's Bride

A most determined seduction . . .
Connor Harding was outraged to come back home and discover that Jenna Kenyon was getting married - to the wrong man! But he knew that Jenna was determined to prove him wrong, despite the passion still smouldering between them.
Connor decided that all was fair in love and war. Only five days remained before Jenna became Saturday's bride, but that was more than long enough for him to persuade her to change her mind. . .

Oh - and these are not the only reprints! Look out for the Surrender to The Sheikh collection coming in December - with At The Sheikh's Command, Desert Affair and Destined for the Desert King (which of course is the second part of the Rhastaan Royals duo - the first being A Question of Honour.)

   I don't have a cover for this collection yet but I'll share as soon as I do. This a real collection for everyone who loves a sheikh story

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Celebrating my 65th title - with a great interview

Today is the official publication date of  Indebted to Moreno . It seems to be out in a lot of places already, and the USA edition has been  on sale for a week or more.

But today is the official publication date.

So to mark today - and the fact that this is my 65th title for Harlequin Mills and Boon -  I've been sharing some posts all over the internet.  If you missed the earlier ones - try:

Revisions and Editions - a post on filling in the backstory of your characters

Kelly Steel's web site  - a special 'interview' with the hero and heroine of  Indebted to Moreno

Amended to include this other post that Nas Dean reminded me of over at  Romance Book Paradise  - thanks Nas!

And today there is a special publication day interview over

 with lovely Rachel  Dove on her blog   One Word At A Time.

I hope this will keep you occupied while I finish this current book (fingers crossed that the rest of the week isn't like the way it's been in the beginning -   and then I can offer some more celebrations for this  special 65th title!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

The great thing about the fact that the Babe Magnet and I write different sorts of books is that the research/meetings/publicity for those books take us to very different places. So he was in London with me and then this week he had to visit parts of the Norfolk coast for his upcoming book on villages that have been 'Lost To The Sea'. It's great how sometimes research can be done unexpectedly - as in one fascinating long conversation with a crab fisherman over coffee in Sheringham. 

 We also found time to visit the wonderful animal sanctuary at Hillside near Cromer where I lost my heart to one of the tallest horses I have ever seen - Bluebell is a black shire horse mare who stands 18.2 hands high - that's about 74 inches - and with her long neck and head on top that's a lot of horse! She was just gorgeous.

It was wonderful to be able to help the sanctuary with something as simple as a donation of a bale (or 3 ) of hay - and a bag full of carrots for suppertime treats. Now if only I'd known they could also use our windfall apples - we could have loaded up the car before we went.

PS The Goodreads giveaway for Indebted to Moreno  is now closed and books are going out to the winners on Monday - but  official publication day is next week - and this is a rather special book for me - so watch this space for a chance to win one of my backlist books.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Goodreads book giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Indebted to Moreno by Kate Walker

Indebted to Moreno

by Kate Walker

Giveaway ends September 30, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter Giveaway

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Charlie the Maine Coon  has  a birthday.

Charlie  Rumpuss - aka Kyamron Rumpusscat is  6 today!  He refuses
to acknowledge the time when he was a small, cute, blue-eyed boy but he was once!

And then he grew  a bit bigger - but he could still fit on to the bird table under the birdhouse where he pretended he was waiting for his prey. (He can't manage that any more)

He's coped with the arrival of his   new baby sister Ruby, and even quite grown to like her - though he still reckons she  has no right to invade his territory on the bed!
 And tonight he has extra treats and  a big bowl full of  food to celebrate his arrival at the 'mature'  age of 6 years and a  bit . (He was actually 6 years old while we were in London but he doesn't realise that. Any day to celebrate his birthday with lots of treats is fine by him.

So happy birthday Charlie and here's to many more to come!

Here is the official 6th birthday portrait!

Charlie says that if you're interested in a special book celebration and giveaway, then check back later in the week for the day Indebted to Moreno is published  for more news and details.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Fabulous Time In London

I'm back from London - and  have recovered from the travel, the heat, the meetings, the lunch/dinner/party  . . .

Well, that was a hectic - and fun time. Let me see - there was the trip down to london and the unexpected heatwave that of course got warmer the further south we went.

The first evening we were at the Garrick Theatre where we had seats for  The Entertainer - with Kenneth Branagh. A  great evening - I have to say that the play is not one of my favourite ever  and I have some problems with it  where at times it's rather static and wordy - but the music hall scenes were brilliant - and that's where K B came into his own.  So glad we saw it.

Andie Brock with her cover display
Thursday was spent visiting the Harlequin office in the News Building (next to the Shard) at London Bridge.  Another unexpectedly hot day   but it was great to be shown round the offices (on the 16th floor!), meet all the editors  - specially Grace who knew just how to make this author's day by telling me how much she had loved Indebted to Moreno when she read it! -   and get to know (again!)  my new editor.  Except she isn't my new editor  - we worked together in the past  (can you believe 20 years ago!)  when the first book we worked on  was The Groom's Revenge which was published in 1997!!  It was great to catch up again and renew our working relationship and friendship.  That evening  was a great time to get together with some lovely friends - Rachael Thomas (who regular readers will know is one of my ex -Fishguard Writers Weekend students who is now building a successful writing career and into double figures with her  accepted titles.)  Chantelle Shaw and Lara Temple who you met on this blog some weeks back.

My lovely friend Anna Sugden and her book cover
Friday was the AMBA lunch and  then the fabulous Harlequin party - back in the News Building  - but this time on the 17th floor!  It was  great to meet up  with some many lovely friends old and new and make some new ones amongst the   Mills and Boon Authors.   There were celebrations of some authors 'milestone' books, prosecco and other
With my sexy Spaniard cover
 celebratory drinks  and canap├ęs - not that  I could manage any after the  AMBA lunch.

More lovely friends Rachael Thomas and Chantelle Shaw
Scarlet Wilson and Kate Hardy looking glamorous

Great goody bags for everyone 

Rachael Thomas  again with author  Louise Fuller
And finally  - my  favourite editor ever  - lovely Lesley Stonehouse. Why is she so very  special to me?
Because Lesley is the lady who picked my book out from the slush pile   over 30 years ago  -  the book the became The Chalk Line - my first ever published novel - so she started me on this wonderful career and she's  taken a great interest in what I do ever since.

Thank you Lesley!

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