Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spring Hedgehogs 2

So when you have put out the right food for any wandering hedgehogs who might visit your garden - how do you know that they have called in during the night and eaten the cat biscuits you left for them?

They politely turn the bowl over to show they've had enough! Or at least that's what our family of hedgehogs do - it's their way of saying thank you.

I'm taking a small break - so I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a very happy Easter - and if Easter's not your thing- then happy Spring Weekend to you all. (Though it's more like summer here right now.) I hope you can relax and enjoy.

Spring's arrival means the hedgehogs come out of hibernation.

I've been encouraging hedgehogs into my garden ever since we moved here 30 years ago!! Luckily they keep coming. It's important to feed them the right diet to keep them healthy and strong as well as appeasing their hunger. so I wanted to share this with you
NB - that second bowl should read 'Mealworms' not mealwoms!!
Image may contain: food
New Milton Hedgehog Rescue

Please spread the word to everyone you know who feeds their visiting hedgehogs not to put out large amounts of dried MEALWORMS for them.
There are increasing reports and findings, not just in our area but all over the country of the crippling effects that giving a hedgehog a bad diet is having on them.
Mealworms especially but also sunflower hearts & peanuts are very high in Phosphorous and very low in Calcium and this is being linked to be the possible cause of Bone Disease in hedgehogs.
All of us feed them because we care so let's at least give them a good diet.
For more information regarding this issue please read this great article published by Lynda Britchford of Oxton Hedgehog Rescue.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Busy days

It's been a busy time here lately - specially for the Babe Magnet.

He was at Huddersfield Lit Festival ten days ago  - today he's giving a talk at Doncaster Library . . .

and at the same time he's in discussion about another TV appearance on a programme about one of the cases that has most fascinated him over his crime writing career. 

This one focusses on a Leeds murder from the past. More when I can reveal details.

At least maybe today I'll get a chance to be at my own desk.

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