Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogging around . . .

Today is my day for blogging over on the Pink Heart Society.

Today I'm talking about New Year Resolutions for Writers so maybe I'll see you over there.

I'm also announcing my brand-new regular Pink Heart Society Column - starting in January 2011, I'll be bloggiong on every third Friday in the month over there with the column that Laney named in the contest - A Date With Kate.

So I'd like to know what sort of things you'd be interested in me blogging about - and special questions you'd like answered here or over there? Any writing topics we can discuss? We have a whole brand new year ahead of us - so what would you like to see?

Meanwhile I'll go back to scaling the TBR mountain - hope you're all having a relaxing last few days of 2010
PS The Presents Authors web site is having a bit of a revamp and there will now be a brand new Presents Authors Blog instead of the regular Behind the Book each month - so here's where you'll find all the new stuff - and I'll posting over there soon too,.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What day is it?

OK so it's not the 27th - but what's a day between friends?

I promised the last two prizes on the Advent Calendar and - well, you wouldn't believe how stuffed Sid has been and he said that the thought of picking winners was actually a struggle!

Add into that a Babe Magnet with the manflu, visitiors and visiting . . . And the truth is that I was much more tired that I imagined. This past year has been a bit wearing and the run up to Christmas included an intensive session making sure that the latest book made the right deadline for scheduling.

So I'm going to be taking a few more days just to enjoy being between dreadlines, having family and friends to stay - and to tackle the huge TBR pile - that's got even bigger as a result of the number of book gifts that arived for Christmas. Remember the list of 'books I want for Christmas'? I got every single book oin that list! So I have a lot of reading to catch up on. (Having said that I have a blog tomorrow on the PHS !)
Anyway - just to round off the Advent Calendar winners - the final two are

Erin wins a copy of The Alcolar Family

and Denise wins a copy of Claimed by the Sicilian

Erin and Denise please email me your postal addresses

I've enjoyed running the Advent Calendar Contest - thank you so much to everyone who joined in. I've loved all the comments and learning more about all of you and the way you celebrate Christmas - and the books you enjoy. If you have won a prize - and claimed it! - if you haven't received it already, like Valerie, it will be on its way to you and should reach you very soon.

When I've drawn breath an caught up with things I'll be back and then I can tell you about the new and exciting things - books, blogs - anything - that are coming up in the New Year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 24 - and 25

I can't believe it's the next to last day of the Advent Calendar already - what? Yes I know most Advent Calendars are only 24 days - but I have 25 years to being published to celebrate .

So there are 25 giveaways - but I'm posting the last two today and I'll be getting Sid on the job of picking winners on the 27th - he'll be too full of chicken and gravy and salmon cat dinners to want to eat anything else before then.

Yesterday's winner is Eva please email me your postal address Eva

Oh and today I had my best Christmas present from my editor - the book I wrote and submitted and was tweaking - remember that one? The tweaks came in back about Day 14 on the Advent Calendar - well, they actually came in earlier than that but they disappeared into the ether. Anyway, tweaks went in - and accodring to my editor they are 'spot on' and the book is'fabulous'! It's accepted and scheduled - but not titled yet - so I'll tel you all about that when I get achance to breathe after the big day. But I'm really thrilled that this one is accepted - it's a bit special to me.

So to share the celebrations I have two great last giveaways on the Advent Calendar - they are both 3 in 1 collections - Today's book is . . .
The Alcolar Family trilogy (at least I hope it is - I have yet to find a spare copy but if I don't find that, I'll put in another 3 in 1

This book contains The Twelve Month Mistress, The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife and Bound By Blackmail.

And the prize for Christmas Day itself is - Claimed by The Sicilian

This collection has in it The Sicilian's Wife, Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride and The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge
So the final question(s) are - and please answer both to be included in both draws -
1. For today - have you hung up any mistletoe and who would you most like to kiss underneath it?
2. For Christmas Day - when you'vve opened your presents - then what do you do? Go for a walk? Watch TV? Fall asleep. I think I'm going to be doing all three
Or you can just post a Cjristmas Greeting to all the other readers who come and visit. There might be only some of you who are posting but I had over 400 visitors yesterday - if you were one of them and didn't join in the Advent Calendar - please leave a message this time. You never know - you might win!
I'll be back after Boxing Day and announce the final winners then

So I just need to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all of you. I hope you have a wonderful happy, peaceful and fun time - whatever you're celebrating.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 23

Just about made it for the 23rd! What a day! Other people have stars or Angels at the top of their tree - I have a kitten!

I also have iced up pipes - and everywhere is so cold that I don't need to worry about whether I have enough room in my fridge as I have done in past years - I just put most things in the garage where the temperature is lower than the insidse of my fridge! As I write this I'm drinking a glass of white wine that has been chilled to perfection by leaving the bottle in the garden rather than the refrigerator!

Meanwhile my friend Trish Morey in Australia (Hello Trish!) is anticipating a temperature of 34c on Christmas Day!

OK - so yesterday's winner is Doris O'Connor -

Doris wins the copy of Kept For Her Baby. So Doris please email me with your postal address and I'll get the prize in the post to you. It will probably arrive closer to New Year now, but it will be on its way.
Today's book is another 3 in 1 collection - under the title Chosen By The Greek Tycoon

This has stories by Cathy Williams and Susan Stephens in the collection as well - and my novel is The Antonakos Marriage

The wedding ultimatum!
An ageing tycoon is blackmailing Skye Marston into marriage. But she’ll have one night of freedom first. One night of passion, with a man she’ll never meet again – even if he’s the man she could have loved…

Theo Antonakos, darkly irresistible and a tycoon in his own right, isn’t used to rejection. He’s furious when his passionate partner slips away without a word. And he’s still furious when he arrives on his father’s private Greek island to meet his stepmother-to-be – only to find that they already know each other, in the most intimate way…
Theo wants Skye back in his bed…as his wife!

I must just say again that although I've been too busy to answer you individually, I have loved having everyone join in this special Advent Calendar - and I've really enjoyed reading all your answers. As Julie, one of the winners said in her email to me -

It's been lovely reading how we all celebrate Christmas in our different ways.

Me too Julie - I totally agree.

So today's question - well right now I have a kitten and a bit of green string decorating my Christmas Tree. There are some baubles on there too - but Charlie keeps knocking them down as he carries his bit of green string up and along the branches!

But how do you decorate your tree? Are you stylists who have everything colour co-ordinated? Minimalist with just one colour? Do you have a real tree? A fake? A modern black or pink one?Or do you - as I know some of you have lots of traditional decorations collected over the years?

I'll let you into a secret. I have one real tree, one fake - one is the elegant tree - the 'ice' tree that has nothing but silver and white, gold and glass decorations. The other has all the fun and colourful decorations - the reds greens purples - some multi coloured birds, the old old decorations my sister in law and I made out of playdough when I was first married - and the little felt angel, snowman and Father Christmas I made for my son when he was small. So I thought I'd share them with you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 22

I'm getting later and later posting - but that's only to be expected - I have a kitten climbing up the christmas tree, frozen pipes, more snow coming down - and still got parcels to wrap!

But Sid has come back from wherever he went wandering and the winners he's chosen for the prizes are:

Julie M wins a copy of Cordero's Forced Bride


Caroline wins a copy of The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife

Please send me your postal addresses ladies!

Today's book is a recent title - it came out in 2009 and it's - Kept For Her Baby.

Wanted: wife and Mother...
Staring at the granite-handsome features of Italian billionaire Ricardo Emiliani, Lucy knows she's made a mistake coming back to their palatial Lake Garda home. But she'll do anything for her baby son—even return to the husband who never loved her...
Ricardo branded his wife a gold-digger, however, tiny Marco needs his mother so he will keep Lucy captive on his private island until she proves herself a worthy wife—in every sense...

Kept For Her Baby is in the Dark Nights with A Billionaire collection for Presents Extra.

And today's question is . . . what do you do on Christmas Eve?

Anything? Nothing? Do you put out a mince pie for Father Christmas or a carrot for Rudolph?
The last thing I do is to put up the Christmas crib that has been in my family since I was a baby - so it's just about an antique. We put up out all the figures except for the model of the baby Jesus - that goes in on Christmas Day.

Then when my son was little we'd leave out a plate with a mince pie and a carrot - perhaps a glass of wine for Santa and some water for the reindeer too! I used to have to leave just the carrot stub with teeth marks in it!!

Do you have any special Christmas Eve traditions? If you don't - well just come and chat anyway. Tell me something you have planned for this holiday and as long as you comment you'll be included in the draw!
PS - Please remember to check past posts in case you're a winner and have missed the message! Gaelikka - you for example!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Calendar Book Giveaway Day 21

Time has got away from me - and I can't find Sid!

So here's the Advent Calendar book and question for today - and you can still answer yesterday's if you want until I can find The Cat and then I'll announce winners when I have them Today's book is The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife 2007

He thought she was his mistress . . .

Recuperating on his private Greek island after a car crash, Andreas Petrakos had no memory of the previous year. The last thing he remembered was his passionate affair with beautiful Rebecca Ainsworth.

. . . when actually she was his wife!

Becca returned to the island because Andreas had asked for her. But she had to hide the truth from him. So what would happen when he recalled throwing Becca out - on their wedding day - for a reason only he knew?

And the question?

Tell me about the best present you've ever been given - big or small.
It doesn't have to be expensive - but something - the best things often aren't costly! Something that meant a lot to you and that you treasure - perhaps because of who it came from.

Or perhaps, like Charlie and Flora - because they bring so much joy every day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 20

I'm still dashing around like a mad thing - but I suppose that's to be expected at this time of year! A migraine hasn't helped so that's why I'm late posting today.

So again I'll just have a post of a book and a question

Oh - and of course - Sid's Winners!

So the winner of Spanish Billionaire;Innocent Wife is Lois

and the winner of The Italian's Baby Bargain is Gaelikka
Please email me your postal addresses and I'll get these prizes in the mail to you.

Today's book is Cordero's Forced Bride (2009)

Taken in payment into his bed!
Alexa Montague is mortified. She's had to call off her sister's wedding, and now the ruthless, arrogant groom, Santos Cordero, is demanding that shy, ugly duckling Alexa, takes Natalie's place!
The Montagues have stolen his money and his convenient bride, so Santos will enjoy taking Alexa instead. For Santos does not - cannot - love. But his body burns for Alexa as it has for no other woman before. He'll keep her captive in his bed until she's begging to be his . .

And the question - one of my favourite things about preparing for Christmas is putting together a stocking for each member of my family. Even though my son is grown up - and so is his partner - I still like to collect silly gifts for this tradition. And the sillier the better.

So do you make up a stocking for anyone or have you given up on that tradition if your famiy is grown up?What sort of things do you think make good stocking stuffers? (I always think that romances make good choice - for the women anyway! And do you wrap the stocking gifts or just bundle them into a stocking?

You know what to do - answers in the comments please.

Lots of my friends are getting caught up in the travel chaos with the ice and snow. If you're struyggling in the freezing weather or the snow (we're supposed to be getting more of that tonight) keep safe and warm and I hope you get to wherever you're going.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 19

Just the book info and a question today .

When I get back from Frozen Yorkshire I will get Sid on the job of picking out a winner for Saturday (Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife) and Sunday.

And today's book is the latest 3 in 1 collection that my novels have been in - The Italian's Baby Bargain.

The book that's reprinted in here is The Italian's Forced Bride which has been a giveaway (back on Day 7 ) so Alicia who won then won't want to try for this.

But Alicia I don't have your postal address so your copy of the book is still sitting on my desk! Would all winners please make sure they let me know where to send your prize or you will miss out.
Anyway - The Italian's Forced Bride

"As long as I want you, you stay — and you only leave when I give you permission to go."
Alice Howard spent six passionate months as Domenico Parrisi's mistress. But she knew he would never love her back and would soon discard her — so she left him.

But now Domenico wants her back in his bed, and his terms of possession are the same as before—until he makes a discovery that changes everything: Alice is carrying his child.

Waldenbooks #1 bestseller
This book won Best Mills & Boon Modern Romance in Cata Romance's Reviewers' Choice Awards!

The other authors with books in this collection are: Trish Morey and Kim Lawrence

And today's question - let's look at books again (always a good subject)

When you buy your romances, what influences you most? Do you buy because of the author? The line? Which lines are your favourites that you buy from most often? Does the cover influence you? Or the title?
As always - post an answer in the comments section . And yes, you can post for both Saturday and Sunday until Sid The Cat has chosen. Which he will do on Monday

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 18

Three things that coming in combination don't work too well -

1. Revisions - no not the revisions, they're fine. But a global 'search and replace name change - when the character in question has the name Ed. And you're replacing it to Arthur.

Think about it - the computer doesn't distinguish the Ed that is his name and the -ed at the end of or in - say changed, suprised or even edged. And when you're changing the name to Arthur - you get changArthur , surprisArthur and even ArthurgArthur. I am not amused

2. The blazingly bad headache that results from replacing all those Eds/Arthurs inthe wrong place

3. The fact that I have visitors tonight and am going visiting tomorrow so I'll be out all day

So - there will be a giveaway today and tomorrow - but I won 't have a moment to announce the winners until Monday. Tomorrow it will just be the book and the question.

The winner of The Greek Collection is Jayne Heponstall - I think Sid was entranced by the idea of the Mouse House. I know I was but perhaps thinks you meant real mice!

Jayne please send me your postal address and as long as the mail is still running, your book will go in it.

Today's book is Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife (2008)

Two years ago, Alannah left Raul without one word of regret. Now chance has thrown them together once more, and the proud Spanish aristocrat will see that Alannah pays for her mistake.
He had wanted Alannah Redfern the first moment he saw her. Her unique combination of purity and passion intrigued, then intoxicated him. And Raul Marcín was a man used to getting everything he wanted.

Now, Raul knows that Alannah is no longer a naive girl. Until their one night of passion proves that she is still an innocent. Raul will do whatever it takes to keep her at his mercy.

And today's question -

We will be visiting the Babe Magnet's family - who always stay in Yorkshire and wait for us to come to them! What about you? Do you stay at home and have people come to visit you for the holidays or are you the ones venturing out to visit other people? Who are you looking forward to seeing at Christmas that you haven't seen for a long time or perhaps are coming from a long way away. Or who do you wish you could see.

I'd love to see my eldest sister but she is miles and miles away in Tasmania so we have to make to with the phone and email -but at least there's that!

Come back tomorrow for anther book and another question but the winners might have to wait till Monday!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 17

Still 'tweaking' - but it really is only tweaks. None of those things editors think are 'tweaks' but that mean whole sections have to be unravelled and knitted back together again. But I'm concentrating on that so I can hope to have a break over Christmas.

So quickly on to prizes and questions

The winner of yesterday's prize of The Konstantos Marriage Demand is Milly

Milly - you certainly made Persuasion sound so very romantic. I'll admit it's not one of my favourite books - or even a favourite Austen but you made me want to go back and look at it again. Please send me your postal address in an email

Some of you sounded almost apologetic that you hadn't read the classics - please don't feel that way. I'm a firm believer that reading is a wonderful and (to me) vital thing in live but we all should read what we want to read and enjoy. Too many critics tell us that there are 'good' books and even 'great' books - and there are books that aren't worth reading.

To me the great books are the books you love and the books worth reading are the ones that keep you reading. War and Peace may be a 'great' book to some but if you can't get past the first three pages then it's not going to be on your 'best books ever' list. I may have an MA and have studied so many of the classics of all literatures but I love lots of wonderful popular fiction - and that's why I write it!

Anyway, I'll come back a talk about my favourite Classics of romantic literature when I've finished tweaking.

In the meantime, today's giveaway is another of those wonderful Australian collections with the fabulous covers- The Greek Collection - The Price of Passion came out in 2008 - and it has a copy of my Constantine's Revenge in it, along with The Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum by Lucy Monroe.
You'll remember Constantine's Revenge from December 8th when Michelle won a copy in the Her Greek Tycoon Collection.
His plan was to make her his mistress. . .

When Constantine Kiriazis reappeared after two years, Grace thought that he'd finally forgiven her for her lack of trust in him - and for cancelling their wedding. Certainly, Constantine's desire for had not waned. But neither had his desire for revenge . . .

He fully intended to seduce Grace, but vowed she'd only ever be his mistress - never his wife. It was only when she melted in his arms that Constantine began to wonder just who was exacting the revenge and who was paying the price?
And today's question ? Back to Christmas.

What special traditions do you have at Christmas time?
Do you go to Midnight service? Or always leave out a mince pie for Santa/Father Christmas? A carot for Rudolph? Do you open presents on Christmas Day, or like a Polish friend of mine on Christmas Eve?
Tell me your family's special traditions and you could be in with a chance of winning this great collection.
As always, answers in the comments section please.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar giveaway day 16

Another quick dash in here today. I have to tweak the latest book - I should have had it tweaked and back to her by now but my editor's comments letter went missing in cyberspace so I've only just got to know about it! And we are on a tight dreadline with this so - only a brief post today.

Yesterday's winner of a copy of The Antonakos Marriage is Mary Reinert.

Mary please email me your postal address and I'll send the book on its way.

Today's book is much more up to date and very special to me because it's the novel that is short-losted for Best Presents Extra on the Romantic Times RT Book Reviews web site.

And that book is of course The Konstantos Marriage Demand.

The Greek's ruthless reunion.

Sadie Carteret and Nikos Konstantos were once blissfully in love. They planned the wedding of the year, and their union would create a powerful dynasty.
But business and pleasure should never be mixed. Nikos was accused of scheming for Sadie's money and title, and was systematically destroyed by her family. The wedding was cancelled, the relationship in tatters.

Now the ruthless billionaire has built himself back up from scratch. He will clear his name and demand what was rightfully his...

Sadie must love, honour and...obey...

Today's question is a little different - because December 16th marks a special day in the history of romantic fiction and writing.

Because December 16th 1775 is the birthdate of Jane Austen,

So to mark Jane's 235th birthday - my question today is do you read the 'classics' of romance/literature? Which Jane Austen is your favourite? Or do you have another classic author you prefer? Tell me your favourite classic read. Or say if you don't read them at all.

I have a special reason for asking - more later when I finish tweaking!

And just to say - again I'm so sorry I don't have time to comment on each individual comment but there are a lot of you entering - and I love it! But I do read every post you make. And to prove it - Valerie - eleven kids!! - you can have a real party all together - never mind the boyfriends/girlfriends! I hope you find time to sit down and read your prize book which will be in the mail to you today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 15

I'm so busy today so this is a real dash in and out. Phone call with my editor - Kate's Corner over on We Write Romance (need to think of something to blog about!) and the annual big, Open House over on eHarlequin.

And a bit (lot of ) work too. But at least the great thing about going to all these 'events' is that I don't have to worry about getting dressed up and I can wear the same thing to all of them and no one will notice!

As always, ask a question about books and there's a lot of response. Milly - I have to agree, I love a good ghost story. One of my TV highlights over christmas will be a remaking of Whistle and I'll Come to You. I'm looking forward to that.

Today's winner is Valerie!

Valerie, I'm sure you know the drill but just in case you need a reminder - email me here and send me your postal address.
Oh and this is a point to say that I've had some email problems this past nweek so if you have emailed me with your address and aren't sure if you got through then please try again. Ros,your book went out in the mail yesterday - Dena and Alicia. I still need somewhere to send your prizes.

Today's book giveaway is The Antomakos Marriage (2006)

The wedding ultimatum!
An ageing tycoon is blackmailing Skye Marston into marriage. But she’ll have one night of freedom first. One night of passion, with a man she’ll never meet again – even if he’s the man she could have loved…

Theo Antonakos, darkly irresistible and a tycoon in his own right, isn’t used to rejection. He’s furious when his passionate partner slips away without a word. And he’s still furious when he arrives on his father’s private Greek island to meet his stepmother-to-be – only to find that they already know each other, in the most intimate way…

Theo wants Skye back in his bed…as his wife!

Voted Best M&B Modern Romance of 2005 by CataRomance.

And today's question - seeing as so much is going on today - is - parties - do you love them or hate them? Do you have a family party or a work 'do' or would you prefer to stay at home and - read? We used to have a big party every Christmas with lots of friends - including the Offspring's friends - but now he has a home of his own we've had rather quieter Christmases and this year has been so hectic I'll be glad to curl up in a chair with a book and a kitten. Though we are meeting up with friends on Christmas Day itself - snow permitting!

But what about you?

And don't forget - over on eHarlequin it's Open House all day with lots of authors and readers waiting to chat and maybe some prizes too - and soon I'll be posting a blog over on Kate's Corner. Just need to think of a topic!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 14

Eeeek! Is it really Day 14? It's getting awfully close to the 25th - and I'm not in the least bit organised. I have akitten fascinated by a small tree I have in my hall - I'd still have to plough through some snow to get to the big one. He's going to love that! And we're promised (threatened?) there will be more of the white stuff coming down on Thursday/Friday - but the old stuff hasn't disappeared yet.

So I'm in a bit of a dash today as I'm heading into town for what I hope will be some last bits and pieces. I'm making a list and I'm checking it twice . .

So quickly on to yesterday's winner - and the name Sid picked out is Debby. (Debby 236)

Debby - I loved the idea of your special Christmas jumper. I hope that there will one of your kids home to see you wearing it. If not, then perhaps the prize of The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife will give you something to enjoy at Christmas.

Email me please and let me know your postal address

Today's prize is a two in one with one of the most glorious covers of any collection my books have been in. It's an Australian reprint and the book of mine that's in it is the same that was in Mistresses Shackled with Rubies which was won over on Tote Bags 'N' Blogs so here's another chance to win Her Secret Bridegroom (2000) in today's Latin Lovers.

It's in this lovely collection with Claiming His Wife by Diana Hamilton.

Bride by deception!

After a whirlwind wedding in Venice, Amy discovered that her brand-new husband had only married her to gain a priceless old ring. Fleeing Italy, Amy never told anyone of her marriage to ruthless billionaire Vincenzo Ravenelli.
Four years later, while Amy knew she'd never really love another man as she loved Vincenzo, she needed to be free of the past. The time had come to return to Venice and confront her secret bridegroom . . .

And today's question is inspired by the fact that I've just had some Italian and Portugese reprints arrive - both for the same book. - a very appropriate one for this time of year. It's a book from 2002 called The Christmas Baby's Gift

So today's question is - do you love special Christmas stories at this time of year, or are do you have too much festive holly and tinsel around already so you don't want any more?

Tell me about your favourite Christmas story books - romance or not - in the comments to be in with a chance to win.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 13

So we're over halfway with the Advent Calendar giveaway. It's been fun checking through my book stock and finding different titles to use as prizes. So far I haven't repeated any books, but I'm not sure how long I can continue with that. We'll see - but there will be giveaway books right up until Christmas Day.

The winner for yesterday's copy of The Good Greek Wife is - well, the winners are because once again Sid snaffled two treats in one mouthful - so the winners are
Aine and

And I need to remind winners that you need to email me with your postal address or I can't get the prize to you. I'm still waiting to hear from
I can't send books out when I don't know where they're going!

Today's giveaway book is The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife and this is another book (the second) in The Alcolar Family trilogy. (Unfortunately I don't have any copies of the first title in this mini-series The Twelve Month Mistress in stock - they all went out as prizes etc long ago. It was a very popular title. But it is still available in ebook form as are all the other titles, or the full trilogy as a 'bundle'.)

Anyway - The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife - Ramon's story.

The convenient solution is to marry her!

Ramon Dario desperately wants the Medrano company. But the deal has a shocking condition - marriage to the notorious Estrella Medrano. Ramon won't be forced into anything, least of all into wedding a scarlet woman!

But Estrella is not what he imagined. Ramon can't get her gorgeous body out of his mind. He even starts to believe she may not deserve her reputation.

A marriage of convenience - and desire - might be a good deal after all...

The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife has a great cover. The red dress is actually very important in the story - though it doesn't really look like the one in the picture. Why? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out. I remember that the inspiration for the scene in which the heroine is wearing this dress came to me one day when I was at lunch with my editor and she told me about a wedding she'd just attended . . . I can still remember going home on the train and pulling out my notebook and scribbling frantically, determined not to let the idea vanish.

If you haven't read the book, you'll have to try to win it to find out why!

And to do that you'll need to answer today's question which is all about clothes -

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? Do you plan to dress up, really go for glamour, or do you prefer to keep things casual? Do you wear the same thing all day or change for dinner - or a get-together in the evening?: Tell me about your planned outfit - or the one for the best party you're going to. Or the cosy sweater and jeans you plan to curl up and read in!

Answers in the comments as usual please.

Oh - and with reference to The Alcolar Family Trilogy, I've just had a couple of enquiries about the on-line short story that started off this mini series when it was published on eHarlequin. This story was called Wife For Real.

So there are three ways you can find this -

One is to go to the Mills and Boon site and find the link in the sidebar that says Free Onl Line Reads - it's just below the new M&B symbol - & - and above the list of all the series on sale and there's a row of books to indicate this, currently topped with snow! Click on the link which will take you to the Online Read page with the current onl ine read posted there

You'll see a pink heading to the Online Read Library where it says read past serials in our library

Click on this link and scroll down - serials are in alphabetical order of title so Wife For Real is close to the bottom of this page

The other way is to buy an ebook version - to download to your reader or even your computer - this is only $0.89 on eHarlequin - you go to the eHarlequin site or follow one of the links to ebooks on my web site and put Wife For Real in the search box there. Or you can go direct here
so you can get a copy of the story.
Finally, if you buy the ebook bundle of The Alcolar Family from eHarlequin then this bundle contains all three novels and the online short story in one pack.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 12

So today we get halfway through these Advent Calendar giveaways. And so perhaps we can now start singing 'The 12 Days of Christmas'? But I'm never really sure whether the 12 days are before or after Christmas. Does anyone know?

Anyway, the winner of yesterday's 'antique' Kate Walker is: KAELEE

Kaelee please let me have your postal address -email kate @ (don't forget that - hyphen)
A bit of news - I have (with the help of the fabulous Heather from We Write Romance ) updated and 'tweaked' my web site in celebratory colours ready for the holiday season. It has some of the new books coming up and a special Christmas graphic as my 'card' to my readers. The new Presents Extra cover for my 2011 title The Proud Wife is now up - but I still don't have the UK cover of this one. Just as soon as I do have it, I'll post it to share with you all.

Today's Advent Calendar giveaway - well yesterday we went back in time with The Golden Thief, so today let's come right up to date with my latest novel - the one published most recently in October this year. And that's The Good Greek Wife.

The return of the proud Greek husband...

He was declared missing at sea – but now notorious Zarek Michaelis is back and ready to take control! First he’ll see to his business, and then to his wayward wife...

For two years Penny has struggled to come to terms with Zarek’s disappearance. But enough is enough. It’s time to move on… Her proud Greek husband is still as darkly handsome as ever, and the attraction between them is just as potent. But Penny can’t trust Zarek’s motives – does he just want her body and the fortune he left behind…or to try again?

If you're in the UK, and you didn't get a copy of this when it came out, you might want to try and grab this prize - The Good Greek Wife sold out on the Mills & Boon site so it's not easy to find now. It is still around in America on Amazon or eHarlequin.

So to be in with a chance, answer today's question - and as I've already mentioned The Twelve Days of Christmas, let's think about music and songs at this time of year. What sort of music do you like to listen to as you decorate the house or do the Christmas baking?

Are you a traditionalist who loves the purety of Silent Night? Or perhaps you like something more lively and fun - Jingle Bells? What about that old favourite - are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

Tell me your favourite Christmas music and you'll have your name put before Sid the Cat with a cat treat on top. And the one he eats first will win the copy of The Good Greek Wife.

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 11

Oh dear, I really should think before I ask questions about books . . . All these wonderful titles you've listed - they are so tempting! And I had a long list already for myself . . .
Want to know what's on it?

Getting Away With It by Julie Cohen
The Drowning Girl - Margaret Leroy
The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse
A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore
Every Secret Thing by Susanna Kearsley
House Rules - Jodi Picoult

And of course the new M&B Modern romances

OK - the winner of a copy of Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride from yesterday is Anita B.
One book choice of yours particularly interested me Anita - you mentioned Dancing on Thorns by Rebecca Horsfall. I met Rebecca some years ago, when I chaired a panel she was on at the Lincoln Book Festival. Her book was just out then.

Anyway, Anita - and all other prize winners, you know the drill by now - send your name and address to me kate @ - just close up the spaces.
Today's giveaway is a bit different -its sort of an antique! I found a copy of a long-ago Kate Walker novel - The Golden Thief goes right back to 1997 - and actually sold as a Harlequin Romance!

His cynicism appalled Jassy

And she had given the famous actor Leigh Benedict a piece of her mind.

"The acting world is a jungle," he'd said. "And the ones who start out with stars in their eyes sell their souls soon enough." But Jassy vowed she'd never resort to the type of tactics he seemed to expect.
Now, three years later, Jassy needed a job and Leigh needed a temporary secretary. Would they be able to put aside their personal feelings, Jassy wondered, or would the sparks fly once again . . .

Here's another book where the cover isn't exactly what I'd imagined. The hero, Leigh Benedict, is meant to be a Robert Redford lookalike . . .well that was the idea then! The hero on the cover is not really Redford, is he?

Film stars and actors aren't quite so popular any more either. But if you want to get your hands on a very early Kate Walker - now's your chance.

And today's question? The hero of The Golden Thief is a film star - so what films are you looking forward to seeing over the holiday period? In the cinema, on TV or perhaps a aDVD or two under the tree? Let me know - answers in the comments again, and I'll get Sid to pick a name tomorrow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 10

Well, I did warn you! I said that yesterday nothing went as I had planned it and that continued until late into the evevening. I was waiting for the Babe Magnet to get home from a book event in Hull, and I thought I'd use the time profitably and prepare some blogs ahead of time. The only thing I couldn't plan ahead for would be the prize winners - Sid's good but he can't predict the future!

So I did Friday/Saturday and Sunday's blogs and felt quite pleased with myself - and then I found that I'd written them all on the My Tote Bags Blog and not my own!

Let's hope today goes that bit better . At least there is some sign of the snow melting. All I can hear is a constant drip . . drip . . of the softening icicles outside my window turning into water so there's hope.

Thank you all for your book choices yesterday. I found them really interesting - and have noted down several for my own To Be Bought pile - not that I need any more books with a TBR the size of Mount Everest and a list for whoever is going to be my book buying Santa.

So let's see who has won a book for their Christmas gift this time.

Sid was quite happy to pick three winners and the names he's chosen are:
and Teresa Morgan (Teresa I cannot believe that you have only just read Jane Eyre for the first time!)

You all should know the drill by now - email me with your postal addresses. kate AT

OK today's book giveaway is a companion to The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge, These two books together made up The Sicilian Brothers duo in 2007. The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge was Vito's story and Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride is the story of his brother Guido.
Possessed by his passion!

Dark, proud and sinfully gorgeous, Guido Corsentino is determined to reclaim his wife. Outwardly, Amber is perfect and untouchable - but Guido knows the passionate woman inside. One kiss, and he's certain she'll give him whatever he demands . . .

But Guido is also certain of something else: Amber ran away from him once—so she won't be given the opportunity to do so again. He'll protect her from the consequences of her actions . . . in his bed!

I'll openly admit that this is not one of my favourite covers - but, well as the saying goes, you can tell a book by its cover. I did love the cover of the reprint when both Guido and Vito's stories - and another Sicilian hero for good measure - appeared in Claimed by The Sicilian in a 3 in 1 this year.

And today's question?

Well, yesterday you told me all about the books you've enjoyed this year. So now - what are you looking forward to reading over Christmas ? What's on your list of books you most want to find in your stocking in two weeks' time?

Answers in Comments as usual. And I'll bet everyone will be taking note and looking for great things to read.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 9

It's been one of those mornings today - nothing has quite gone the way I planned it. Perhaps that's because the sun is actually shining and I'm really not used to that. We might even find that some of the snow goes away as a result!

Right so Sid has done his duty of picking a name and yesterday's winner of the Her Greek Tycoon trilogy is Michelle Handyside. Michelle says she loves Greek heroes, so this book should please her.

Michelle please send me your postal address - Kate AT

Everyone who has sent me their addresses for their prizes has had the books sent out so I hope it won't be too long before the prizes arrive. The snow will slow things down but you should have it soon. A couple of people haven't written to me with addresses so do make sur you're not missing out on a prize by just not sending me the information. Those who haven't won anything yet, do keep coming back - and posting a comment - because you never know how Sid might feel about your name in the future.

Today's book has a Greek theme as well. So many of you said that you liked Greek heroes that I thought I'd offer a great Greek hero as today's giveaway. (Sadly, not the hero himself, but his story!)

So today's book is Bedded By The Greek Billionaire (2008)and just because the sun is shining, I'm giving away 3 copies of this title today.

Taken for passion. . . or ruthless retribution?

As a naïve teenager, Jessica Marshall fell achingly in love with a gorgeous Greek – Angelos Rousakis.
But her clumsy attempt at attracting his attention cost Angelos everything.
Seven years later, Angelos Rousakis is back. Hard and powerful, he intends to claim what is his – and that includes Jessica. However the once innocent girl now pretends that she feels nothing for him. . . which only inflames his passion for her further. . .
As Jessica falls for the sexy billionaire all over again, she cannot be sure - Is he back for passion . . . or retribution?

This book was a Romantic Times Top Pick when it came out in America in November 2008

Today's question is quite simple - just tell me one romance you've read a really enjoyed this year. You can name more than one, and go into details about why you loved it if you like - that'll really make for an interesting post.

And no, you don't have to pick one of my books! And it won't give you a better chance of winning if you do - it'll make me smile but it won't affect Sid! He doesn't care whose books you read. He's only interested in the cat treats!

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