Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Manga Comic in English

New covers are always great - and it's fascinating to see how the particular art departments in different countries have interpreted the way my hero and heroine look.

 Amongst those, the Manga editions are extra special - totally unique. I recently received two of the Japanese into Manga into English Manga comic editions and the way the hero's hair is shown is often unexpected. 

 After the purple hair for the Twelve Month Mistress, my Sicilian hero  in The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge  does not have a straggly pony tail - and my Greek shipping tycoon newly 'back from the dead' in The Good Greek Wife doesn't sport a bouffant grey/white/black streaked hair do! But they're interesting. 

And it's great to see old books like No Holding Back coming out, revived and revamped in these new formats

Reading Ahead Presentation

Life seems to have run away from me just recently - been busy with library events and working on a project that I'm just about ready to tell people about. 

 On Friday I attended one of my favourite library events at North Lincolnshire Libraries - handing out the certificates for the successful students on the Reading Agency Read Ahead scheme. Slow readers/new readers/ beginner readers all had to read six books in the year to win a certificate and I was able to hand out those certificates to everyone who had succeeded. 

 I did this last year too, And it was great to see someone who hadn't quite succeeded last year get her certificate this time. I think sometimes those of us who have been reading for years take reading for granted. This lady was struggling with dyslexia - but she got there this time. I love a success story.
It was a fabulous afternoon.

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