Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another photograph

Or should that be anuffa photograph?

Remember this - Meeting Malik - and the promise I made to sponsor a guide dog puppy?

Well, when I got home from London, the sponsorshop had gone through and there was a photo of 'my' puppy waiting for me. His name is UFFA and he is a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross - and here he is . .

Unfortunately my scanner is scanning horribly dark so the picture hasn't reproduced very well. But he is cuteness personified (or should that be pawsonified?)
(The scanner has only just started to do this - and I'm having problems with another picture I really want to show you - so any suggestions anyone? I've tried messing with the brightness and the contrast to no avail. Maybe I just need a new scanner.)

Anyway, my information from The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association tells me that Uffa is just over 6 weeks old. He was born in June. His mother was Onyx - so that's clearly where his colouring came from - and his Dad was Umber. Hie's described as a playful puppy who loves to be cuddled.

Likes - chewing plastic bottles and playing in the garden.

Dislikes - The only dislike Uffa has so far is the sea! When he went to the beach with his puppy walker and saw the sea for the first time, he really wasn't keen.
Well, I suppose the sea is pretty imposing when you're only six weeks old.

I shall get updates on Uffa's progress as he goes through his training - so I'll keep you up to date too. I'll hope that my scanner sorts itself out and I can uppload a much better picture - or if anyone has any helpful suggestions to improve it, I'll be very grateful.


Anna Louise Lucia said...

Welcome, Uffa! And congratulations, Kate, what a lovely puppy to support. Kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! Harki and Peri the Labradors send wags and licks!!!! A great cause, Kate!!!


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