Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just a thought . . .

No, this isn't an insight into the very first 'book' I ever wrote - it's just something that I found as I was ploughing through the paper moutain that needs organising before I dare put it back into my wonderful new office.

I'm always being asked why I like to encourage would-be writers/newbies/gonnabes - whatever you want to call them. I have also, darn it, been criticised for doing this - for 'Training up the opposition'.

Well, I just found a little book hidden in a pile of stuff. One of those little stocking filler mini books - 60 Ways to Feel Amazing. I opened it at random and found:

Be An Encourager
Who do you know who could do with some encouragement right now?
Maybe it's you. One of the surest ways to give yourself hope is to inspire
someone else.
Think of someone who encouraged you.
What did they say? What did they do?
Do the same for someone else.
When you start to inspire another person you will feel inspired

Those are my italics - and that's my answer to those who wonder why.

When you give out, you get a hell of a lot back.

Seems like a fair deal to me - after all, wasn't there some parable about using your talents and not burying them?


Sharon J said...

Absolutely. I really couldn't agree more. I'm a great believer in "what you send out is what comes back" and I'm sure those who suggest you're merely training the opposition will eventually find themselves without either inspiration or true friendship. One thing's for sure - you're an inspiration to a lot of people, Kate, and long may that be so :-)

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

I ditto everything Sharon's said and I'm so grateful that you haven't been influenced by your critics.

And message to Sharon - it's pure coincidence I'm commenting on the same post as you, and nothing at all to do with that microchip thingy ;-)

Sue :-)

2paw said...

Kate, I can't believe that people have criticised you for teaching and facilitating?? What is going on?? How do they think people learn and grow and succeed?? Honestly, if I wasn't so verbose I'd be speechless!! I want to say 'You go girl' but that seems a little weird!!!

lidia said...

I agree!

By the way, I love the cover of your next book "At the Sheikh's Command" -- I like the M&B version better than the HP. It is essentially the same picture, but you get more background in the M&B version and for some reason that makes a greater impact.

Kate Walker said...

Sharon - thank you. I too believe that what you give out comes back - and usually several fold. I'm honoured to be thought an inspiration - and I love hearing of writers who have achieved success.

Sue thank you too. I think in fact that those critics have made me feel even more strongly the way I do - I can't see the point in not helping

Cindy - you can say You go Girl - I know just what you mean ;-) I can't give anyone the 'magic formula' because there isn't one - so I try to point out the more obvious mistakes so that they can avoid making them. And yes it's alway been the case that people learn and grow from listening/reading/learning from others - so why not!

Lidia - Ireally love that cover too and I know my editor does. I think the M&B version has extra power because it shows so much more of the scene - and the background which is so evocative. Hope you enjoy the book


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