Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hugh + Towel = hits

Okay, so now I've got your measure. I think we've found the level -
Post pictures of Hugh Jackman, especially the infamous Hugh-in-a-towel - and the number of visitors to this blog jumps.

Not surprising really - so it's a pity that today is no longer Hugh's Day.

But if I might just suggest that you follow the link along to my cyber kid Julie Cohen's blog you - if you haven't been there already - you will find some additional delights involving towels and a certain Australian gentlemen.

Julie thinks I don't know about these, but I do, my dear, I do . . .

It's just that I'm so a sweet and generous Cyber Mum, I'll let you share. As a thank you for making me cry - again - when I read the dedication in your latest book.

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