Monday, September 11, 2006

Today's Hugh's Day

Over at the Pink Heart Society they've declared today Hugh Jackman day - and every PHS Member is invited to post their favourite pictures of this imspiration to romantic novelists everywhere so that visitors to the site can go on the Hugh Jackman Tour .

So in the interests of cooperation and joining my fellow novelists in their intensive research and their devotion to the cause of creating the perfect heroes for their readers - and no other reason at all of course - I'll offer a few contributions to this enterprise. It's a hard job but someone has to do it.

But I have to say once and for all - no matter what Anne McAllister may claim - Hugh-in-a- towel is mine!

Now I may have to take a break to recover.


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

When I saw your pic Kate, I nearly didn't even enter the race... that is until I found mine... ;-)
Sue :-)

Trish W said...

AHA - You can tell its the original towel owner due to the size??? And they say size...

Well, you know what I mean... NICE PICS. But have come to the conclusion that there really aren't that many BAD pics of this beautiful man... ;)

Jopee said...

*wiping off drool here*

Now that's better ;)

Natasha said...

EXCELLENT! I always knew you were a woman of taste.

I have said from the beginning you can't blog about Hugh Jackman and not use the photo with the longer hair. *g* But Trish just went and missed it out ....

blueberri said...

Whoa...were those photos a treat on a rainy day! :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Kate H. sent me - Thank you. But you don't have my favorite, which is my screensaver. I just might have to post that one soon.

Kate Walker said...

Ladies - what can I say except that I agree

Bailey - welcome! If you do post your favourite, let me know - I'm always happy to do a little extra research ;-)


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