Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm back . . .

I'm back from London - where I had a wonderful but exhausting time. Meeting people is so much fun but to someone who is used to sitting here in almost total silence (apart from the click of the keyboard and the purring of a cat) then talking to them - for hours and hours and hours is exhausting.

The BM and I had a great three days. We managed to fit in a bit of shopping as well as the dining/lunching/champagne drinking (that sounds suitably romantic novelist decadent!) - which of course meant that the BM acquired a few books and I acquired a new handbag and some lovely cosmetic treats.

The guests at the Presents dinner and the AMBA lunch between them sounded like a roll call of some of the very best of the HMB writers with Anne McAllister, Sandra Marton, Jacqueline Baird, Susan Stephens, new authors Abby Green and Chrisitina Hollis at the first and dozens more at the second. I think I need to recover a little and sort out my overloaded brain cell before I can report on that one.

So for those who asked, here is a photo of me and Anne McAllister together.

This was taken at the AMBA lunch by my friend Kate Hardy and as she's not used to the camera it's not totally focused - but when I know she's home, I'll see if she has a clearer one I can use.

1 comment:

Kate Hardy said...

Welcome back. Sorry the pic was so rubbish. (AND I should add I'd bee on coffee only at that point!) I'm about to download mine so I'll send it over in a bit.


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