Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where is everything?

There are times when I wish that I'd never started on this office revamp thing. It's created such chaos and unpheaval that I'm constantly losing things I just found and finding things I didn't know I'd lost and losing things I need and finding things I don't need . . .

Which is why – as you may have noticed – that I haven’t yet posted any part of the first ‘book’ I ever wrote – I can’t find it! It’s in here somewhere under a pile of other papers – or filed somewhere – or under a cat . . . under two cats . . .

And then of course Monday got slightly hijacked by Hugh – or should that be Hughjacked?
And the organisation I’d created got unorganised because I bought some more bookshelves and things had to be redone as I moved the books off the old bookshelves . . . You had to be here to believe it.
So – while I’m trying to restore order again - a couple of things –

1. If you remember I mentioned an article about Breaking the Rules – all about those fictitious ‘rules’ that are supposed to be etched in stone for the would-be romance writer. The whole article is now posted at the We Write Romance site – so if you want to read it in full, you can find it here. You might like to take a look around the site while you’re there - there’s plenty going on.

2. In a comment on my post about The Blob, Saskia asked an interesting question that I thought I’d answer here on the blog rather than just tucking it away in the ‘Comments’ section.

So I'll answer that in my next post - back soon!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks for the link to the WWR site. I enjoyed reading your article, and I've learned a new phrase IAITE (It's All In The Execution).

I hope you get your office back to normal soon.
Sue :-)

Sharon J said...

Your office sounds much like my house on a good day!

Kate Walker said...

Sue - I'm glad you found the article useful. And the IAITE phrase is one coined by the M&B editors in a discussion thread on eharlequin - and it always always applies

sharon - that description of my office sounded like the way my office always was before this revamp - I just want to make sure this time it will be different . . . Well, I can try! I had to move another cat to get to the keyboard


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