Monday, September 28, 2009

Cats and Birthdays

Yesterday was of course the Floozie's birthday. Today I'm posting photos of another cat to help a friend celebrate her birthday. It also makes for a quick post as I'm deep in the word mines and looking at a dreadline coming way too close.

Dylan doesn't get into the limelight as often as Sir Sidney or The Floozie. He is, it must be acknowledged, a small cat. But a small cat with a big character. He's a cat of little drama and not prone to pushing his way into people's lives. He waits quietly for you to notice him - which people always do.

Especially Biddy. Dylan with his one working eye and his rusty purr and his swaggering 'shoulder power' walk is Biddy's favourite of all the cats. And always has been.

And today is Biddy's Birthday. She's over on the Pink Heart Society celebrating with the delights of Male on Monday. So I'm helping her celebrate with these new photos of her other favourite male taken the other weekend when the sun shone and he was out in the garden lapping it up.

Happy Birthday Biddy!

And special thanks go to my dear friend Mama Duck who took these photos - with fabulous memories of a long warm late summer afternoon just talking. Now she's back in Spain and I miss her . Hugs, Duck!


Biddy said...

Oooo lots of lovely photos of my favourite man! Thank you for the post, photos and birthday wishes. Lots of hugs for you, The Babe Magnet and of course Dylan.


Jan Jones said...

Lovely pics, Kate!

And Happy Birthday, Biddy (again)

[Word Ver: micier. How appropriate is that!]


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