Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Flora

Today Flora the Floozie is two. She is the only cat I have whose exact birthday I know - both Sid and Dylan came to us as rescued strays/RSPCA orphans so I don't really know when their dates of birth might be.

But I do know about Flora - it says so on her pedigree certificate. Not that she lives up to her long, detailed pedigree. She's - as her breeder warned us - 'a terror', a wicked ragamuffin who has recently discovered a nest or some other point of supply of mice in the garden and who spends her evenings chasing up and down the lawn in pursuit of one. She's very disappointed when they 'break'.

And today she's two. So to celebrate she and the boys have had a special tin of salmon and then I tried to take an official birthday portrait. But the sun was shining, the garden was calling and she was just not into posing - even with the promise of some Greenies from Anne McAllister.

But we got there in the end. And here's the result.

So Happy Birthday Flora !


Ann Victor said...


And Granny Theodorable (heading to 15 years) sends gracious purrs and miaaouws to wish you a lovely birthday. She sincerely hopes that your pet human remembes to give you salmon every day!

Jan Jones said...

Happy Birthday, Flora!

*mutters* TWO??? She can't be two already...

Christina Hollis said...

She is SO beautiful! I echo Jan's comment - where have those two years gone?

Lacey Devlin said...

Awww isn't she gorgeous!


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