Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday PHS

It's not an overly good morning this morning.

I just spent the night from hell with a Babe Magnet with the flu - let's just say 'man flu' and leave it at that.

I wake from the little sleep I've had to the joys of sore throat and swollen glands . . . oh, and earache. Haven't had earache since I was a kid. Girl flu here I come!
My email is down for the nth time this week

I have a dreadline

Oh and the sky is grey and gloomy and Flora has left a dead pigeon on the lawn that someone (ie me - not the one with the man flu) will have to clear up.

But at least there is something to celebrate.


Yes, it's hard to believe but the little pink dancing man is 3

Three years of great blogs, Male on Mondays, wonderful book talk - and prizes.
And seeing as today is a special celebration day then there is a prize on offer today - a great big prize of enough great reading to keep even the most voracious reader going for a long time.

So why not go on over and visit the PHS blog, tell us what you most like about the blog, the site, the whole darn thing - and you could be in the running to win .

Good luck!

And I'll start on another round of hot lemon, honey and paracetamol


Jan Jones said...

Oh dear. Hope you both get better soon. And at least Flora left the pidge on the lawn, not all over the kitchen...

Caroline Storer said...

Get well soon Kate! Take care. Caroline x

Summer said...

I just wanted to thank you for my Summer Sizzler prize. I read Kept For Her Baby last week and loved it. Such harrowing subject matter handled so beautifully.

Hope you feel better soon.

Joanne Cleary said...

Oh no! Hugs, hope you feel better soon :-)

Sharon said...

Healing thoughts heading your way. At least you'll be able to give one of your heroines a convincing ear-ache in a future book....


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