Monday, September 14, 2009

On the road again

I'm dashing in to wave and say Hi before I set off on my travels again. This time I'm heading for London where I'll be attending the Association of Mills & Boon Authors' annual lunch on Thursday and also joining a group of Modern Romance/Presents authors for lunch at the home of Sharon Kendrick tomorrow. And many of us will be having dinner together that evening.

It's going to be a great opportunity to catch up with everyone, meet the new writers who have joined the Mills & Boon family since last year, eat lovely food. Even drink a little wine.

Sid, Dylan and Flora the Floozie will be well taken care of when Danny their favourite cat-sitter takes charge. (Who was it who asked what happened if the furs didn't get their favourite cat sitter? Well, the answer is that they tolerate the alternative - ie The Offspring because he does feed them after all. But they prefer Danny as he lives just 3 doors away and they can go and bang on his bedroom window if they think he's late with dinner!)

I'll be back for the weekend. But if you need a blog fix before then - and specially if you're interested in writing and maybe enetering the Mills & Boon Writing Contest, I have a craft post over on the Pink Heart Society blog tomorrow.

See you soon!

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