Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging around again

Still buried under that Greek hero - and Yes, Jan I knew you'd understand and appreciate why I couldn't blog too much with this happening to me ;o) But at least we are getting to the end of our affair and I hope to wave him off very soon.

But in the meantime, while I deal with this hero, there is my lovely Italian Ricardo Emiliani on his private island out now in Kept For Her Baby and lots of great sites have been asking me to blog with them to chat about that book.

Today it's the turn of the fabulous Romance Bandits and I'm over on their blog talking about why I write the sort of romance I do - and why I think that a classic Presents novel is like a deep-tissue massage. Well, it made sense when I wrote it - and hopefully it will make sense if you go and read it. I'll be chatting with the banditas all day.

Sorry Alison I can't tell you that good news yet - it's all still under discussion - but I will tell you just as soon as I can. And I can share another bit of good news and that is that Kept For Her Baby is still on the Waldenbooks/Borders Top Ten list for a second week - and it's moved up this week! Thank you to everyone who helped put it there.

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