Friday, October 09, 2009

Feline flirtations

Flora has a suitor - an ardent suitor.

But she's just not keen ( I'd say he doesn't suit 'er but perhaps not . . .)

So far she has totally repulsed his advances with hisses, spitting and scratching. Oh, and the most horrendous wails from Dylan as he comes to the defence of his sister's honour - a real alpha hero cat!

Of course nothing can come of it as Flora has been 'done' over a year ago. But I keep looking at this beautiful long-haired, golden-ginger male with big green eyes and a white tip to his tail and I can't help thinking what gorgeous kittens they'd make!

It's almost 11am - time to tune in to the Babe Magnet being a radio star on Radio Lincolnshire talking about his latest book Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors.


Biddy said...

And where was Sid in all this? See Dylan really is the Alpha hero in your house!

P.S. Not sure if you got my email but the pressies were lovely. Thanksxxx

Jan Jones said...

That is just such a Glenda-Jackson-being-Elizabeth1 pose!

Well done Dylan. Have a cat crunchy, that hero.


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