Thursday, October 01, 2009


Yes, definitely the girl flu - because of course it can't possibly be as bad as the Man Flu that's afflicting the Babe Magnet - can it? Well, he's totally lost his voice, so at least he can't complain quite so much!

Thank you all for your get well wishes, I really appreciate them - or I will when I can think straight.

So, while I'm not up to blogging much - here's something not to be sneezed at (sorry - I couldn't help it!)

Want to win five - that's right 5 - of my backlist books?

Well that's the prize in the contest I'm running with My Tote Bag to celebrate the publication of Kept For Her Baby in America in October. (Special thanks to Summer for her lovely comment about it yesterday. That really brightened a non too bright day. I'm getting some wonderful letters about this one - it seems to be touching a lot of hearts.)

So head over to My Tote Bag's Contest page and answer the easy question you'll find there. You'll find the answer on my web site.

And don't forget that this book is out in the Extra Presents line up - The Presents EXTRA Collection that is out on October 13th.

PS Flora and Dylan kindly cleared up the pigeon on the lawn for me - I won't go into details but they were both burping late into the evening and all that was left was a lot a feathers blowing in the breeze!


Michelle Styles said...

Ah if it is the cold/flu my lot and I have been suffering from -- it lasts about 4 days and is absolutely dreadful.
Sending healing thoughts.

Margaret Mayo said...

Hi Kate,
Coming in late to say that I hope both you and the Babe Magnet are feeling better.

EllenToo said...

I am sending you and the Babe Magnet get well wishes.

Mama Duck said...

Poor you! Be brave! We're back at work and I've got 8 a.m. starts. Groogh! - as they say in the Beano. However, I expect I'll adapt to the new rhythm soon after the lovely long break. Kisses and greenies (as appropriate!)


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