Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Charlie's Diary

My Mum (ie Kate) tells me that people have been asking about me and how I'm getting on so as she's busy with stuff (preparing the Advanced Romance Writing Course for Fishguard) I thought I'd come by and catch up on things.

Well, I knew I was going to like living here - but I didn't realise how much! It's ace! The best home ever.

What's so good about it? Well there's the grub - lots of it. And with three other cats, I often get to finish up what someone (usually Grandad Dylan) has left behind. Sometimes I have to fight with Sid for it, but I still get lots. Yesterday I managed to get three breakfasts - my Mum came down early and fed me and Sid, but then went back to bed. (They've all had the sneezles here.) Dad - the Babe Magnet came down later and I yelled that I hadn't been fed so he gave me another breakfast. Then later Flora came in from Outside and she got her breakfast . . . and I helped a bit.

I have ace toys here as well - even Flora admits that. She was a bit stand-offish at first but then she came round. I say it was because she wanted to play with my ball in a tube - she loves that. So I let her share it now. We have great games with that. And with The Box. I love The Box.

But the best toy they have here - well, they have it sometimes - is The Tree. The Babe Magnet said it was for Christmas but I knew it was a special toy just for me. Imagine - your own life-sized tree - indoors! It was ace. I could climb up it and there were these glittery balls and things on it that I could knock off with my paws. But it's gone away now. I hope I get my Tree back.

I also like helping my Mum with her work. She has a computer that has fun things on the screen and I like to chase them - and then I really help by walking on the keybvoard and writing for her - things like 18ndr76t5hbgliosewdjhw1.

Oh - and I get to sleep on The Bed. Not just a bed, my bed is nice enough and cosy but I get to go up the stairs (did I mention that I love the stairs?) and then jump on to The Bed. Sometimes I have to share it with My Mum and The Babe Magnet but that's OK cos it's extra cosy that way. But sometimes in the night I leave The Bed and have fun chasing Flora up and down the stairs. That's ace - but My Mum doesn't like that so much in the dark. Don't know why.

Anyway, I love it here. The only problem is they don't yet let me go Outside - but then there's cold white stuff called snow out there so maybe I'll stay inside a while yet. And there's always grub . .. My Mum says I'm growing like a weed . Well, that's a good excuse to eat.

So I'll go and see if there's anything in the bowls . . . . Back soon.



Mama Duck said...

OMG LOL! Charlie, you've got it made!

Judy Croome said...

Dear Charlie

You do the breed proud! I honour you for training your slaves, er, humans properly right from the word go. Keep it up; soon you'll have the bed to yourself.

With proud purrs
Your foreign cousin
HRH Theodorable

Kaelee said...


Dash here telling you that as a newcomer to a house with 2 older sisters I soon became the man. I grew from 2.2 pounds to 17 some pounds just by eating up all the leftovers. I still get hissed at when the two old biddies get cranky but who cares?
I am a soft ginger colour. The boss is black and white and the other more cranky one is orange and white. My mom and dad share the bed with me and the boss. mom says she wishes she never trained me to do that but hey I didn't need no training. I love the computer also. Keep up the good work Charlie.

Caroline said...

Hi Charlie! You seemed to have landed firmly on your feet here. Way to go!

Jan Jones said...

Fantastic post, Charlie, and I'm glad you let the others into it as well.

BiteMeAsh said...

Hi Charlie

Sending you a purrrfect hello *meow* You doing well - High five paw!

I'm soon to have a kitten joining my kingdom and "shudder" a puppy too. Whatever was my mom thinking, I need to book in for a full day at my spa parlor asap.

My mom is an avid reader of Kate's so guess I'll be hearing lots more of your wonderful adventures.

You go kid.

Her Royal Highness Gigi from South Africa


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