Friday, January 14, 2011

Where did the week go?

I could have sworn that I missed out a few days here. One moment it was  Monday - then I blinked and . . .is it really Friday?

What has happened to the week? Let's see -

Two interviews - check

Wallpapering - yes, wallpapering. This was one of those plans that the New Year inspires in you.  Freshen up the bathroom and the cloakroom . . .  That lost me a couple of days

Plan new book - well that was OK. I could plan a new book and match wallpaper patterns at the same time. This is something the Babe Magnet admires. He can't do the matching wallpaper thng at all!

Celebrate the Offspring's birthday - check. But I'm a little worried as to how I ended up with such a  grown up son.  I was a child bride and a child mother  - honest!

Write a Dear Reader letter for latest accepted book - check (more on this  soon)

Read - I promised myself for New Year that this would be the year I'd read  more. I've kept to it - so far

Prepare course for Advanced Romance Writing at Fishguard  Writers' and Artists' Weekend in February  - this has been interesting.  The basic course is  taken straight from the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.  The Advanced Course is for students who've already done that . . . .much thinking involved. And reading and assessing of scripts the students have submitted

Take cats (Sid Flora Charlie) to vets for booster injections  etc

Write blogs for Kate's Corner over on We Write Romance and prepare for my new monthly column on the Pink Heart Society  blog - A Date With Kate - coming
up on the 23rd.

Oh yes, so that's where the  week went!
And as it's the 15th today then  I'm blogging over on We Write Romance where I'm talking about trying to get - and keep  - some better balance into my life!  Wish me luck - and maybe I'll see you there?

1 comment:

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

I'm so amazed, so much to do and yet you took time out so generously for us aspiring writers.

Thank you.


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