Monday, January 10, 2011

January Sales and other shopping

If you live in America, did you miss getting your hands on a copy of  The Good Greek Wife? 

If you did then here's your chance  to grab a copy in the eHarlequin January sale  - at 40%  off! I just noticed that over on the eHarlequin web site The Good Greek Wife - and  lots of other books are currently on offer at the great sale price of $2.85   - if I lived in America I'd be tempted myself!

The return of the proud Greek husband...

He was declared missing at sea – but now notorious Zarek Michaelis is back and ready to take control! First he’ll see to his business, and then to his wayward wife...

For two years Penny has struggled to come to terms with Zarek’s disappearance. But enough is enough. It’s time to move on… Her proud Greek husband is still as darkly handsome as ever, and the attraction between them is just as potent. But Penny can’t trust Zarek’s motives – does he just want her body and the fortune he left behind…or to try again?

This is the book that's sold out in the UK over on the M&B site - but I think there are still some copies around on Amazon or the Book Depository  (it's on sale there too - not 40% but still a reduced price)

And talking of shopping - I was out in the January sales at the weekend where I bought - or so I thought - a cuddly soft toy  that you can warm in the microwave to keep you cosy at night for the small daughter of a friend who is having a brithday today (Happy Birthday Kelsey!) .  I also bought 2 pairs of leggings.
When I reached home and checked the receipts it turns out that what I actually bought was  a 'lying hottie' and some 'casual bottoms'.

Which just gave me the perfect example for the point I was trying to make in an interview - that one of the things I have most needed to make sure of during my 25 years of writing  - is that my writing/my language stays contemporary and  doesn't date and age me and my  books.

So as I get back to work  on what I think my be my 60th title (need to check on that!)  that's something I need to keep in mind.   Can't help thinkikng though that theres a story in that 'lying hottie'!

Thank  you all for your comments about possible writing  posts - I will hope to get to them as soon as I can. But for now -
Jane -  you asked for notes on Conflict. Where were you last year when  I did a whole series on it?  Put Conflict into  the search  box on this blog and you should get  loads of  posts that might help.  Around July/August last year.


redwriter said...

Ok Kate I will :) thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. I read the interview on Romance Angels network on facebook and found it really helpful, so thank you for that (there was a real lightbulb moment for me - when you said to work out what the hero's conflict is, and then put him in a situation where it will really affect his view of the heroine, or words to that effect). And last year? Still wallowing in writing self indulgent twaddle, I'm afraid, until I finally bit the bullet and got stuck in to writing some M&B :)

ros said...

I got one of those toys for Christmas last year and I love it. Mine is called Mike, the microwaveable dog.

BiteMeAsh said...

After festive season sales are great *YAY* but with the credit crunch there are not so many good sales!

Bought similiar toy for my niece and she really enjoyed it.

WOW sixty titles, that is amazing Kate - Congrats! Keep on writing as I sure will keep on reading *lol*

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

Congratulations on the sixtieth book! Wow! Keep witing beautiful books please.

And thanks so much for providing us, the readers with great escapsim from the mundane for a few hours!

The whole conflict/tension was on August 2010 blogs.

Kaelee said...

Hi Kate,

Got my copy of The Good Greek Wife, along with some other books I ordered from eHarlequin today. I managed to find another of your HR books from 1987 called Rough Diamond. I've got a few of your books to read now.

redwriter said...

Thank you so much for directing me to those posts Kate, I have read the whole thing and made lots of notes and pointed my crit group to it :). VERY helpful. (even at 3am when I was awake thinking about it :s)


Anonymous said...

That 'lying hottie' sounds better than the regular old hot water bottle.

Though the hubbie says that he is my hot water bottle with ears!!!

It's a saying here in probably sounds better in German.

So any Germany speakers out there?

Wärmflasche mit Ohren!!

in Germany


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