Friday, January 21, 2011

New Beginnings

I'm  starting a new project today - over on the Pink Heart Society I have the first of my my brand new monthly columns - A Date With Kate.

These will appear on the PHS blog on the third Friday of every month.   I'd love it if you could join me over there.
And I'd also love it if you have any topics you'd like me to talk about - writing or otherwise - if you'll let me know in the comments.  With 3 regular columns on Tote Bags 'N' Blogs,  We Write Romance, and now The Pink Heart Society,  I need plenty of ideas to consider!

I've also noted the questions about writing that some of you posted - and I'll get round to them just as soon as I can. Right now I have  a full  Romance Writing Course (Advanced) for Fishguard  next month to complete, not to mention  a new book  . . .so I'm just a  bit busy!

1 comment:

Teresa Morgan said...

Wow you are busy. Keep us posted and I'll try to follow when I can.

So many blogs... so little time...

Can't think of any questions off the top of my head...

Oh, maybe, What do you do if the 'so-called' writer's block occurs?

Or is that a bit lame?


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