Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year New Book

Well, that's what it'll  be for me . . time to get back to the desk and putting words on the page/screen

But what about you? 
Is one of your New Year Resolutions the determination that this year you will  write that novel - maybe even get it published?

Well if that's the case then I - and several fabulous author friends  - have some help for you. 

First of all, there's Donna Alward,  author of  lovely  emotional  books for the Romance/Cherish line - books like  Her Lone Cowboy  or  Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle (out USA in Feb) is running a weekly Writer Wednesday post on her blog.

The there's scary Kate  - Kate Hardy - who write for both Medical and the new Riva - A Christmas Knight (Medical UK) and Champagne with a Celebrity (USA  Jan 2011)

Finally  there's RITA winning Jessica Hart    writing tutor and  romance writer whose Juggling Briefcase and Baby is one of the new launch titles for RIVA this month,  and whose 3 in 1 collection Convenient Engagements  is out  in January too.

What do all three have in common? 

Well this week  to help you get your New Year - and your Writing Resolutions off to a great start - they'[re all offering you  a chance to win a brand new copy of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.  All you have to do is to read their blog, add a comment . . .  and you'll be in with a chance of winning.

And on the  subject of writing and craft -   if I do some more craft posts/ special workshops/Q&As on writing - what would you like me to talk about? Anything you really want to ask? Something you'd love to have explained?  Anything you just don't 'get'?

Now's your chance. Just post your queries in the comments and I'll note them for future posts.
And who knows - maybe this year will be YOUR year!


redwriter said...

I already have the book :) So I'll pass on the comp. Please could you blog about:

conflict (what else!)
Being alpha but likeable
How to write chapters - where to start and finish so the writing flows.
How to write a synopsis without dying a slow and painful death :s

if you could comment on any of these, it would be brilliant.


BiteMeAsh said...

Writing has not been something I've thought to get into as I do enjoy reading instead but now that I have all the free time available perhaps this could be something I start this year ...

Thanks Kate,

Regards Rita from South Africa

BiteMeAsh said...

Wow haven't ever given the thought of writing as I enjoy reading so much but now that I have time perhaps I should give writing a chance ...

Thanks for sharing.

Rita from South Africa

BiteMeAsh said...

I so want a copy *lol* and posted twice on same matter. Hopeless!

Please could you blog on how to keep motivated to the end, especially when all ideas seem to vanish ...

Rita from South Africa

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

I would love to learn whatever you teach. Maybe something of what you teach in your classes?

Lindsey said...

The dos and don't of writing superb dialogue (and how much if you want to avoid ending up writing a film script)

Character arcs to see how H/h grow and resolve conflict.

In summery, basically anything - I'll read it no matter the topic.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a post on something I've read in how-to-write-romancebooks but never quite understood.

I've read that each character's external goal is linked to a deep psychological need. That this need drives their behaviour and actions and that their external goal is a misguided attempt to fulfill this need

But in some stories the characters' goals seems to take them away from fulfilling their need, so I'm a bit puzzled about how their inner needs can be driving their actions.

For instance Shrek has a deep need to open up and connect with others and he won't be truly happy until he does. But his external goal is to get his swamp back (and go back to being alone in his swamp with his 'keep out' signs--a goal which doesn't seem to have any connection with his emotional need.)

Thanks, Kate


Delaney Diamond said...

Kate, I already have a copy of your book and it's filled with highlights and underlines. I found it to be very helpful, and I plan to review it again this year as a refresher.

Show don't tell is a stickler for me, especially as it relates to conveying the characters' emotions and attraction. I would love for you to cover that in a future post.


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