Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming up

 I've been getting  enquiries about new books coming up - and the titles of the novels that are being reprinted in the collections  that are published in the first half of this year.  Up until now I wasn't quite sure  of the exact detaiols, but after a  bit of a research and a confirmation email from my editor, it now seems that the line-up  goes like this:

New title: -
The Proud Wife - modern Romance  March  4th 2011 - and Presents Extra  in April

Meditrranean Tycoons  - includes  The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife
After losing his memory, all Andreas remembers is his passionate affair with Rebecca. But what will happen when Andreas recalls throwing Rebecca out of his house a year ago for reasons only he knows?
Also has novels by Michelle Reid and Sarah Morgan
Published 4th Feb

One Night in Madrid  - includes Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife

Raul wanted Alannah the first moment he saw her. Her unique combination of purity and passion intrigued and intoxicated the proud Spanish aristocrat. And Raul Esteban was a man used to getting everything he wanted.

Also has novels by Jennie Lucas and Chantelle Shaw

and finally - my editor has just confirmed the title and ther schedule date of my latest novel -
The Return of the Stranger - September 2011
This book will be part of the special mini-series The Powerful and The Pure  - I'll tell you a little more about that  very soon - hopefully tis week.

And that, I think, is it until after September.   Meanwhile I'm getting on with the next one . . .

Oops - forgot one!
If you are using ebooks to catch up on any backlist titles you've missed then His Miracle Baby  (2001)  is being re-issued in ebook  format this month.


Trish Morey said...

I love those covers, Kate, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be for The Proud Wife - just gorgeous!

Happy new releases - lovely to see there is lots of great reading coming up. Happy 2011!

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

Happy new releases. So awesome that all these back lists of yours are coming up for re-releases!

All the best!


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