Tuesday, September 06, 2011

And talking of Workshops

Remember  I talked about that fabulous residential week learning  about writing romantic fiction in glorious Tuscany  - 

Well,  I know it's a long time away - but it's getting closer all the time - and just  yesterday I got an email that  might make you think about the fact that you want to book sooner rather than later - and save yourself some money by doing so. Here's what Lois and Bill Breckon had to say:

We’re very much looking forward to you joining us at the mill in 2012 and we are already taking bookings. To further speed up the process, I wonder if you could pass on to your students one particularly important piece of information: if they book before 1 October, they will enjoy next year’s course at this year’s prices (also, they will be more likely to be able to choose their bedroom, rather than make do with what’s left!).

These are our prices for 2012 courses, as from 1 October this year: sharing a room as well as a bathroom will increase from £1,116 to £1,1149 GBP. A bedroom with en suite bathroom will increase from £1,278 to £1,316 GBP. So it’s not a huge increase, but we haven’t put up our prices in a couple of years and we need to keep up a little with inflation!

Also, as always, don’t forget that if your students book before the end of 2011 they will enjoy a £75 GBP early-bird discount. And if they bring a non-participating partner, the partner enjoys a special £200 GBP discount provided that they share a bedroom.

I know I'm looking forward to this - if you think you might like to join me, you can find details here  - and here are a few more photos to inspire you  . .. 


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