Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Blog Tour Day 6 - Romance Book Paradise

I  meant to write this the minute I got up - but then  the cats needed feeding, the window cleaner appeared - at 7.30am!  - there was banking to do (the tax man needs to be paid) emails to answer . . . .
So I've been up for ages - though I'm not dressed  yet! - and I still haven't told you the important news of the day - like where you can find me today!

Today the Big Blog tour moves on from Talli Roland's blog   to another  and one that's really rather special - because this one is the blog of the lovely,  energetic lady who is helping me run this  Blog Tour and keeping me up to date, delivering blogs  on time - and believe me she had her work cut out as I'm  zooming here there and everywhere, dealing with all sorts of home situations - and meanwhile Nas goes on quietly making sure my blogs are where they should be . . . and I know where to look to chat with everyone.

A great big THANK YOU! to Nas without whom I'd be totally lost!

And today, you want to visit her fabulous blog -Romance Book Paradise - not just because I'm there today - but because Nas always has lots of interest for the romance reader - and I regularly visit her blog to see what's going  on.

So why not join me over there? - And there are extra goodies to win in the giveaway this time.

Oh, and I'm still using the fabulous UK cover of The Return of the Stranger to illustrate this - but sadly the UK edition's time on the shelves here in the UK is almost up - so readers in America and Australia need to start looking for it in your shops, on eHarleuin or Amazon.   And that means that  from the end of this week, I'll need to start using the USA/Aus cover - which is fine . . .  but it's just not the handsome hunk of the UK one - I'm going to miss him!

1 comment:

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your lovely comments, but I've enjoyed coordinating with you and taking you around the Blogosphere!

And I extend a very warm welcome to all your friends/commenters to ROMANCE BOOK PARDISE!

Thanks for thelovely giveaways as well!


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