Friday, September 02, 2011

Publication day!

Today is 2nd September - so that's officially the publication date of The Return of the Stranger! Though I have to admit that I saw brand new copies on the shelves in York  when the Babe Magnet and I went there yesterday. Today I'm going into town and hope to see the books on display there  - it's a thrill that never lessens.

I had a wonderful time at the workshop in Ashby on Wednesdy - my thanks to everyone who turned up and stayed so long after the official closing  to talk and ask questions. We had originally put a number of 20  on this but  another five people tyrned up at the door and luckily we could fit them in so there was a great audience.  And special thanks to the library staff - specially Emma who made everything so easy and provided such a warm welcome.  I once used to work as a librarian in Ashby library - though not in this particular building - so it was a sort of going home experience for me.

As Charlie mentioned around his birthday - I'm marking the publication of The Return of The Stranger with a big blog tour that starts of on September 11th and ends in December - you can follow me round all sorts of different blogs, get to know the bloggers - and me  - more - and hope to win books from my backlist.  Last time I heard there were 21 blog spots - but the number keeps growing all the time  - so -
Launch date September 11th - and for more details check out this page that the lovely Nas Dean has set up for me.  You'll find all the up to date news there.

Oh yes - and although today is officially publication day in the UK  being September it does mean that The Return of The Stranger is now  available  a month early over on  either in print form  or as an ebook.

And for anyone who couldn't get to the  Ashby workshop - I have another  one planned in Haworth for the 17th September - details on my Events page.

Oh - and I just checked over on the Mills& Boon web site - The Return of The Stranger is still up there at #1 - that's all of August!  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me achieve this by buying a copy.


Sonali said...

Happy Publication Day Kate! Congratulations on still dominating the #1 spot on Mills & Boon website!

Nas Dean said...

Happy release day!

Ju Dimello said...

Congrats on the release, Kate! :) Loving the cover - Gosh, his eyes....

Having a fan girl squeee moment every single time I think that I'm going to have you in my blog as a guest !!!

Kiru Taye said...

I got my copy on Wednesday. :)


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