Sunday, September 25, 2011


One of the great things about having Sid the Cat in my life was the way that he made friendships so easily - and with so many people.  I shouldn't have been surprised (I wasn't really) to find that so many of you have enjoyed  meeting him through my blog and this was no matter whether he had ever picked you out as a prize  winner in a contest or not.

One of the really special things was the friendship between The Cat of Superior Breeding and his dear Lady Across the Pond Anne McAllister. They perhaps met half a dozen times in all, but it was a union of minds. She knew just the right place to rub him behind the ear, she  provided the  special bowl and they shared  a communication that was  unique.   Those six visits were spaced out over years - but he never forgot her, always ran to the door to greet her when she arrived,  and it will be hard to have her come and sit in my office in the future without a large black tabby insisting on joining us because - well, you can give ear rubs as well as talk/read/write . . . can't you?

Anne will miss Sid too and she's written her own commemorative blog about him.  It made me sad to read it, as well bringing back great memories - but one thing the photos she posted did was to remind me how fabulous a cat he had been  - which let me know that the poor 1/4 of a cat that the cancer reduced him to was not what he would have wanted to be. And that I did the right thing  - for him.

It's so hard to make that decision for someone you love - I've done it more times than I care to remember - but afterwards, I'm always glad that we can do this and stop the glorious creatures who have given so much to our lives from suffering any more.  To anyone who's having to make that decision right now - I totally understand - and I hope you know that what is the hardest thing for you is the most gentle, loving thing for your pet.


Marlena Cassidy said...

Kate, I'm so sorry that Sid the Cat is no longer around for you in the physical, but as long as you still hold the memory of him, he's still there with you in your heart and in the hearts of those he met.

Liz Fielding said...

Great cats stay with you forever, Kate.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Sid. I never met him, but from the way you and Anne have talked about him so lovingly on both your blogs, I feel like I do know him.
He sounds like he was a really special guy.

Anne McAllister said...

I am sure Sid is also controlling the word verification on blogspot in the afterlife. My word right now is: crocku. I can see him rolling his eyes and thinking that all this commemoration is wonderful (not to mention his due), but we need to get busy with the things that really matter, like Teatime.

I'm reasonably certain where Sid is now, it is ALWAYS Teatime. In Sid's heaven there would always be time for a smackeral of something.

Nas Dean said...

I just read Anne's lovely tribute. Your handsome pet ad friend is sorely missed.



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