Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Tour starts today

September 2nd was actually the official publication date of The Return of The Stranger here in the UK. But I was away in London last week,  meeting my editor for lunch, together with the Senior Editor for the Modern/Romance line.   I also had a really great time at a special lunch organised for  fabulous Australian authors and friends Trish Morey and Annie West.   About a dozen authors were there together - Trish, Annie, Sara Craven,  Sharon Kendrick, Abby Green, Sarah Morgan, Natalie Rivers, India Grey, Heidi Rice, Christina Hollis  - and me.  Here is a great photo of everyone emerging from the restaurant in Charlotte Street - with thanks to the passing gentleman who was comandeered into taking photos for everyone as he headed on his way to work.

Now I'm back jome and I'm about to celebrate the publcation of this special book in the UK , Australia, India, USA  . . . . over the next couple of months.   So to mark this occasion, I'#m launching a great big Blog Tour all over the internet for the next few weeks. There are  27 different visits between now and the end of the tour,  27 different places where I'll  be visiting and posting abo0ut different topics.
These posts will also introduce you to lots of interesting blogs all over the internet. Some you'll have seen before - The Pink Heart Society, Tote Bags 'N' Blog,  We Write Romance,  I heart Presents  - others will be new to you.  And I hope to have some sort of a give away of a book or so at each stop along the way.

The  you can 'stalk' me along my journey and end up with 4 signed books as a special prize just in  time for Christmas.  - So  tomorrow this all starts off.

You can find the full blog itinerary over on  the great Author Page that Nas Dean from Romance Paradise who has been helping me with this has set up for me. There's the list of all the blogs I'll be visiting - and there may be a few more yet along the way!   I hope you'll join me as I travel all over the blog universe! I so glad to be announcing that The Return of The Stranger is finally published and to be able to chat about it with you that I think this is really something worth celebrating.

And you can see Nas's own lovely  review of this book on that page too :
Author Kate Walker’s own unique take on the classic story of Wuthering Heights makes this into a happily ever after love story. It is a gripping tale of past secrets, scandal, and is full of sizzle and mesmerizing emotion.

A wonderfully written and richly layered love story from one of Harlequin Presents’ most popular authors, THE RETURN OF THE STRANGER is another keeper from the always fabulous Kate Walker!
I hope you'll join me on this tour and visit all these different blogs as I talk about The Return of The Stranger - and lots of other things too.
One other thing - if you're on GoodReads - with the help of lovely  Leena Hyat  I have organised a special Book Giveaway on Goodreads for this month only.  To mark the pre-publication of The Return of The Stranger in America,  I am offering five copies as a Giveaway on  Good Reads between now and September 24th - full details can be found here:   But be warned - it's proving  pretty popular . . .So That's the big news for today and tomorrow the Big Blog Tour starts for real  - beginning with . . . .
But no, you'll have to wait and see who 's the first to host my guest blog this time. (Unless you've already sneaked a peek on the Author Page)


BiteMeAsh said...

Congratulations Kate on the release of The Return of the Stranger.
I'm patiently waiting for the book to arrive in South Africa!!!

Love the UK cover, the model is so HOT makes my knees just melt *lol*

Hoping one day you can visit my country and I get you to sign all my books ;)

Your fan Rita *mwah*

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

I'm also so looking forward to meeting new people on this tour!

Thanks for sharing the lovely photo of all the Presents ladies!

And Rita, everyone says the UK cover model looks like McSteamy...drool!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Kate I started reading it before work. Such a beautifully crafted as only you can write. The tense beginning stole my breath away. I look foward to visit your blog tour.

Nas, when Kate sent me the book, that's the first thing I said to her.

Rita, what I've done in the past is purchase some bookplates, send them to the author, along with postage and have her sign them.

Ju Dimello said...

Congrats on the release, Kate! I also loved the UK cover...stared at the model for a long time ;)

Looking forward to your tour and so excited at having you tomorrow !

I <3 your books!!

Serena Tatti Story Editor said...

Mega congrats on the release of The Return of the Stranger. I know it'll be another wonderful read and a keeper - as are all your books!

Also congrats on the fabulous blog tour. Nas is super-fantastic at this!

Sonali said...

Yay...i have been looking forward to the blogtour kick-off.

Kiru Taye said...

Hi Kate, I already got my copy of the book. Just wanted to say congrats on another book release.

I look forward to when I have some uninterrupted quiet time so I can get stuck into reading it.


Julie Cohen said...

I'm reading The Return of the Stranger right now...loving it!


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