Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Tour Day 3

Another stop on my blog tour today - one of the ones that regular visitors here will know all about.

It's the third Friday in the month so that's the date for my regular Pink Heart Society blog, with A Date With Kate.  So please come by and visit.

What am I talking about today? Well, really it seems that at the moment therre is only one topic  that is filling so many people's thoughts - the Mills &  Boon New Voices contest. So I have some thoughts on that.

And because it's part of my Big Blog Tour this time, I have a special New Voices giveaway so anyone who comments will be in with a chance to win  - and the book I'm giving away this time is a signed copy of the
12 Point Guide To Writing Romance.   If you haven't yet submitted your new voice entry - or if you're working on the next stage of your story - or just wondering where to beging - then this is a prize for you. Come along and chat with me and your name will go into the draw.

And talking of New Voices - tomorrow I'm doing a New Voices Workshop in Haworth as part of the Bronte Society Festival of Women's Fiction  - so if you're coming, I'll see you there.

And in the afternoon I'll be giving a talk about writing The Return of The Stranger and the way that this mini-series The Powerful and the Pure was thought up - and how I used  Emily Bronte's wonderful novel to inspire me and help me create  this new novel that has been described like this:

Bestselling author Kate Walker's latest Harlequin Presents release will leave you spellbound! Packed full of intense, powerful emotions, a riveting plot and a dark, brooding passionate alpha hero, this book is not to be missed!

A report on the talk will appear on the site Teach Me Tonight - Musings on Romance  Fiction from An Academic Perspective - which is always an interesting place to visit with some  fascinating discussions. Laura Vivanco will be reporting on the talk  soon -  possibly Sunday - and I'll hope to join in the discussion when I get back from Haworth.

Meanwhile, don 't forget the Good Reads giveaway of 5 copies of The Return of The Stranger  (though with  coming up to 700 entries (!) the odds are lengthening . . .

See you on the Pink Hearts  . . . .

1 comment:

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I love you are doing this blog tour. I so loved. The Return of the Stranger and to have your alpha a from Brazil and a Gypsy, what a combo. Add intensity and revenge........ HOT!!!


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