Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writing Tips from M&B

Are you still polishing your NV entry?
Or have you uploaded that and now you're hard at work finishing the book that goes with the the first chapter?

Or are you working on something new?  You're not just sitting back and waiting for that contratct/the prizewinning announcement to come to you  are you?

Anyway,  to encourage you to keep going - give you lots of ideas and tips to help you on your way M&B have produced a free ebooklet  with  advice in it.

The book’s here – though please note it’s in epub format, so you’ll need Adobe digital editions to open it. (Or, if you’re using an iPad, the Bluefire app will sort it for you.)


Maria said...

Thanks Kate.

Alexander said...

That is super information!! Thanks for sharing it.


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