Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 10

Well, I did warn you! I said that yesterday nothing went as I had planned it and that continued until late into the evevening. I was waiting for the Babe Magnet to get home from a book event in Hull, and I thought I'd use the time profitably and prepare some blogs ahead of time. The only thing I couldn't plan ahead for would be the prize winners - Sid's good but he can't predict the future!

So I did Friday/Saturday and Sunday's blogs and felt quite pleased with myself - and then I found that I'd written them all on the My Tote Bags Blog and not my own!

Let's hope today goes that bit better . At least there is some sign of the snow melting. All I can hear is a constant drip . . drip . . of the softening icicles outside my window turning into water so there's hope.

Thank you all for your book choices yesterday. I found them really interesting - and have noted down several for my own To Be Bought pile - not that I need any more books with a TBR the size of Mount Everest and a list for whoever is going to be my book buying Santa.

So let's see who has won a book for their Christmas gift this time.

Sid was quite happy to pick three winners and the names he's chosen are:
and Teresa Morgan (Teresa I cannot believe that you have only just read Jane Eyre for the first time!)

You all should know the drill by now - email me with your postal addresses. kate AT

OK today's book giveaway is a companion to The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge, These two books together made up The Sicilian Brothers duo in 2007. The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge was Vito's story and Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride is the story of his brother Guido.
Possessed by his passion!

Dark, proud and sinfully gorgeous, Guido Corsentino is determined to reclaim his wife. Outwardly, Amber is perfect and untouchable - but Guido knows the passionate woman inside. One kiss, and he's certain she'll give him whatever he demands . . .

But Guido is also certain of something else: Amber ran away from him once—so she won't be given the opportunity to do so again. He'll protect her from the consequences of her actions . . . in his bed!

I'll openly admit that this is not one of my favourite covers - but, well as the saying goes, you can tell a book by its cover. I did love the cover of the reprint when both Guido and Vito's stories - and another Sicilian hero for good measure - appeared in Claimed by The Sicilian in a 3 in 1 this year.

And today's question?

Well, yesterday you told me all about the books you've enjoyed this year. So now - what are you looking forward to reading over Christmas ? What's on your list of books you most want to find in your stocking in two weeks' time?

Answers in Comments as usual. And I'll bet everyone will be taking note and looking for great things to read.


Teresa F Morgan said...

OMG! I never win anything :D Thank you so much Kate... will work out your email addy, and send over my details.

Yes, this year, taking my writing more seriously, I've started taking my reading seriously too. Wanting to get into the classics more, but fear for it being actually hard work, I picked up Jane Eyre for a whopping 85p in Minehead... And yes, LOVED it! I now have Pride And Prejudice ready and waiting, thanks to a dear friend.

Thanks again, Kate!

Laney4 said...

I'm looking forward to reading ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I have a huge TBR pile, so I just go into my vertical filing cabinet where I store them, and pick something that doesn't fit well. (Note to self: organize the books AGAIN during the Christmas break!)

As noted earlier, I would love to read Sandra Hyatt's third book, HIS BRIDE FOR THE TAKING. Perhaps it will find its way into my stocking this year.... (Note to self again: write it down on the kids'/husband's "to buy" list, since they never know what to buy me, and I can't return the book because it doesn't fit right, LOL!)

Áine said...

My pile is growing by the day. A couple of autobiographies such as Michael McIntyre and Judi Dench. Some romance with Kate Furnivall's 'The Concubine's Secret' and Kate Mosse 'The Winter Ghosts' A little mystery with Jed Rubenfeld 'Death Instinct', Comedy with Jilly Coopers 'Jump' and bringing up the rear alot of science fiction with Neil Gaiman and Terry Practchett. Looking forward to Jan 1st when I can stock my ereader with some Riva and Modern M&B's.

Unknown said...

I'm hoping to find Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck in my stocking this year. I've dropped plenty of hints. I first read it in school and I loved it. Can't wait to read it again.

chey said...

I'm planning to read White Heat by Brenda Novak. And hopefully a few more! Maybe knock down my tbr pile a bit if I can find the time!

Ros said...

Yay!!! Thanks so much Kate.

Kaelee said...

I want to read a book that's been in my TBR for a couple of years. It's Safe Passages by Ida Cook also known as Mary Burchell. I first found out about this autobiography about three years ago and then Harlequin reissued it and I bought it right away. It somehow kept getting shifted down in my pile but I'm going to start 2011 by reading it.

Julie M said...

At this time of year I always sort through my TBR mountain to find books with a Christmassy theme. I don't think I'll be getting any books for Christmas, but I've bought "Dark Matter" by Michelle Paver for my husband.

Jane said...

I'm looking forward to picking up Allison Brennan's upcoming release.

karina said...

I am looking forward to my annual doseof Maeve Binchy. I expect to spend Christmas night, reading 'Minding Frankie' with a big box of chocolates at hand!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else my pile of unread books is getting bigger. It will be (I think) between Lovers and Newcomers by Rosie Thomas,(I read Sun at Midnight by the same author earlier this year,and for me it is one of the best romance novels I have ever read even though it is set in the icy conditions of Antarctica), and Dancing on Thorns by Rebecca Horsfall, which I believe is her first novel.I will also try to fit in an M&B story for good measure to warm up those wintry nights! Anita B.
I am on your newsletter list.

Nas said...

Congrats to yesterday's winners!

Looking forward to more books, of course!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

maryreinert said...

I am looking forward to reading Hannah Howell's book "Highland Protector".

I am in your newsletter group.

Mary Reinert

Debby said...

Hi Kate, I already have this book and it was great. I am looking forward to reading the new Christine Feehan book
debby236 at att dot net

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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