Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charlie's Diary - One Year on

This should have been posted at the weekend, but  my Mum was busy with blog tours and such and I was busy helping her pick winners. I've enjoyed  doing that as I have eaten a lot of cat treats over the past few weeks - there have been so many of you entering  her contests  that I've had a good  time eating treats and picking winners. 

My Mum  asked her newsletter group to let to her know what you most wanted her to blog about and it seems that LOTS of you asked to know how  Charlie was getting on - well, naturally I suppose. I am a superstar  -and I'm getting very good at picking winners. (Not as good as the late great Cat of Superior Breeding Sir Sid - but I'm working on it.) Anyway, seeing as lots of you asked, Mum said that I had better write a blog post to let you all know what's going on in Charlie-world.  So here I am.

So - on Saturday it was a whole year since I came to live in my forever home here, And  it's been great.  I love it here. I have a great bed - but I prefer to sleep with Mum and the Babe Magnet - though  the Magnet takes up more than his fair share of space and  I have to lie on top of him to be able to stretch out. I get them up at about 5.45am to let me out - scratching on the wardrobe  gets them out of bed pretty fast and then I can go and explore in the garden.

I love the garden. There are lots of trees to climb and bushes to hide in. And there's the  little house thing where Mum puts food for the fluttery things she calls the birds. One day I'm going to catch myself one of those bird things - they look quite tasty, if a bit feathery.

Sadly we lost the  two old gents in this year - Dylan and Sid are much missed but it was good to get to know them and Sid taught me all I know about picking winners and important stuff like that. He also taught me about lots of good stuff -  like Teatime. Sid knew good stuff when he saw it (or ate it ) and Teatime is very good stuff. 

So now there's just me and Big Sis Flora. Flora's OK but she can be a bit of a diva at time - she has a mouth on her sometimes- real hissy fits and bad growls. But I know she doesn't mean them - she just doesn't like me pouncing on her tail.  Sometimes I chase her up and downstairs - that's a lot of fun. (And a lot of noise my Mum says) .

Tomorrow it's December and Flora says that;s when we start the Advent Calendar - it was sent to us (well it was sent to the Great Sid ) by Anne McAllister The Lady Across the Pond and we get treats every day  till Christmas. That sounds good to me. I must have had an Advent Calendar last year but everything was so new that I didn't notice it - and besides I had to share all the treats with 3 other cats so it wasn't so exciting.

There are still lots of books here - there are always lots of books. Books are quite boring really, but Mum says they help to pay for Teatime - so I suppose they're OK. And she says a lot of you like these book things and that's a good thing.   But they don't taste very good - and I get into trouble if I try to chew one so I'm really not that bothered  - when it comes to books, I'll pass. I'd much rather have Teatime!

In fact it is Teatime now - Mum just opened the cupboard and took out the tin  - so I'm off!  Teatime is the best time of the day. It's one of the reasons why I love living here - so that's me caught up with everything for now.   See you!  



Kaelee said...

Oh Charlie you are so handsome. Both Saxon and Dash would like your beautiful tail. Play lots in the garden to wear off all those treats. Saxon says to tell you that mice are much tastier than birds. Dash says that birds are more fun to catch. He wishes to pass on a bit of advice though. He says that his mom gets really mad at him for catching the birds and even madder if he brings them into the house and lets them go. Saxon wants to pass on that same advice about the mice.

Sharon Archer said...

Charlie, I was really excited when I saw you'd posted your diary update - a great opportunity to see more pictures of Your All-Round Gorgeousness! You landed on your paws when you went to live with Mum and the Babe Magnet, didn't you! But it sounds like you've earned you place being such a big help with picking winners!

We're looking forward to your visit to the LoveCats DownUnder early next year!


Kate Walker said...

Hello Kaelee - Thank you for saying I am so handsome - I have to agree! And my tail -well, did you know that the saying is that a Maine Coon is a tail with a cat attached? I would love to know what Dash and Saxon look like. I did once try to bring one of the bird things into the house but it got away. Flora has showm me that there are mice behind next door's garage so we plan on a raid together - but I'll not bring them into the house!


Kate Walker said...

HellO Sharon - first of all thank you for the opportunity to let me (and the Diva) visit LoveCats Downunder soon. It was fun answering your questions and I'm sure your blog visitors will like to see my 'All-Round Gorgeousness'. My Dad - the Babe Magnet says it should be 'Well Rounded Gorgeousness', but that's just because I snaffled a bag of treats and snarfed them all down - and I didn't even have to pick any winners to do it!

See you of LoveCats - I'll make sure my Mum posts about it here.



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