Monday, May 23, 2016

A Day in the Life Of . . .

I've had a really busy day.  As I think I mentioned, we've had the bedroom completely redecorated and revamped. The result is wonderful - better than I could have hoped for but  now that the job is done (phew!)  I have  to  reorganise everything - bringing all the stuff/clothes etc that I'd moved out of the room back into the bedroom, putting them away,  finding places for everything . . .

It's all been worth it, but it's taken time, and I think I've walked more than those 10.000 steps you're supposed to  count up in order to keep healthy.

So that's my day.  And while I've been doing this, Charlie the Maine Coon has had his own sort of day. Cats are supposed to be 'active mammals' - well, in that case 'active'  doesn't mean what I normally thin it means.  And as I've had a few enquiries from readers who've missed seeing Charlie and Ruby  and what they've been up to, well here is -

A day in the life of Charlie Rumpuss - the Maine Coon.
First of all he woke up and had a little something to eat . . .

And then he had a snooze

 After a while  he woke up - briefly - and had a wash and grooming session
Which tired him out, so that he went back to sleep . . .
 Until it was time for a little snack

 After which, he  needed a grooming session, to make sure his paws and whiskers were all clean .

Which took rather  a lot of effort - . so he crashed out and is now fast asleep again.

Sometimes I wish I was a cat!


Melissa Morgan said...

It's hell being a cat, isn't it??! xx

Wendy's Writing said...

Gorgeous Charlie - what a hard life!

Kate Walker said...

It is a struggle for him, Melissa - but as you can see he does try to cope!

Kate Walker said...

He has a very hard life indeed Wendy! But he knows he's gorgeous - everyone tells him so! ;-)


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