Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Charlie the Maine Coon  has  a birthday.

Charlie  Rumpuss - aka Kyamron Rumpusscat is  6 today!  He refuses
to acknowledge the time when he was a small, cute, blue-eyed boy but he was once!

And then he grew  a bit bigger - but he could still fit on to the bird table under the birdhouse where he pretended he was waiting for his prey. (He can't manage that any more)

He's coped with the arrival of his   new baby sister Ruby, and even quite grown to like her - though he still reckons she  has no right to invade his territory on the bed!
 And tonight he has extra treats and  a big bowl full of  food to celebrate his arrival at the 'mature'  age of 6 years and a  bit . (He was actually 6 years old while we were in London but he doesn't realise that. Any day to celebrate his birthday with lots of treats is fine by him.

So happy birthday Charlie and here's to many more to come!

Here is the official 6th birthday portrait!

Charlie says that if you're interested in a special book celebration and giveaway, then check back later in the week for the day Indebted to Moreno is published  for more news and details.

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