Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Interesting Q&A

Life has been a bit hectic  and I've had my head down focusing on the revisions for the latest book -  all quite straightforward, it's just that things keep happening  that have interrupted my work time.

Anyway, this focus has meant that I foolishly forgot to mention that there is a great  books site (interviews, reviews etc) for romance and Women's Fiction   - called Bookish Jottings,  This is run by Julie who used to review my books on the  now sadly defunct  Cata Romance site.

Bookish Jottings is  Julie's own venture and  she asked if I would do a Q&A with her when Indebted to Moreno came out. I did - and then promptly got buried in  stuff and  forgot to let everyone know about it.
But today I've remembered  again - and I'm posting about the interview before I forget.

You can find the Bookish Jottings Q&A here 

And if you're interested in Julie's reviews - she reviewed Indebted To Moreno here    and she's also read the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance and has reviewed that here

Thank you for the lovely rreviews, Julie - sorry I was so late letting everyone know about them!!   The Trouble with this writing job is that sometimes  one has to focus on writing!!

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