Tuesday, January 01, 2008



Thank you for all your support and interest through 2007 - I hope that you'll stay around for 2008 and whatever it will bring.

Once again the readers' gift will be essential medicines and medical equipment - a great choice. Thank you all for sharing in this gift by buying and reading my books.

I don't plan on running a Cat Calendar this year - Sid feels he has posed 12 times and a dozen is quite enough. And I've run out of ideas to represent each month - well, ideas that Sir Sidney would tolerate.

Besides, he is busy trying to decide just what he thinks of Flora the Flirt who is trying very hard to win his affection. Anne McAllister suggested that Sid and Flora's romance should be entitled The Alpha Cat's Feline Mistress - but is she The Alpha Cat's Innocent Feline Mistress - The Alpha Cat's Reluctant Feline Mistress or - surely not - The Alpha Cat's Blackm iled Feline Mistress?

As it is Sir Sidney is not yet sure if she is a true innovcent or in fact a gold-digger. Though, in this case, she is more accurately a 'fish -digger' as she has snaffled his New Year Salmon from right under his furry chin. I'm just stunned that he let her get away with it.

So here, to mark the fact that the dark and distant Alpha is perhaps melting just a little is the picture that might just mark the start of a beautiful friendship.

While, in the other toom, the two older boys, Dylan and Grandad Spiff doze by the fire in an attempt to recover from a long day of having their tailes chased by a flighty furry floozie.

Happy new year! I hope it's a fabulous one for you - a time that will leave you with some truly special memories to hold in your heart by the time the next January 1st comes around - and I hope you'll keep dropping by to see what's happening her. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.


Anne McAllister said...

Ah, I see Sid reaching out a paw of (one hopes) friendship to Flora the Flirt. The question is, will he treat her with brotherly disdain or will there be something more to their relationship.

This could be better than Abby and Eamon!

Clearly romance writers see romance EVERYWHERE (and they ask us where we get our ideas!)

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pics, Kate.

I know you sent me the pic of her dad, but seeing her next to Sid and knowing how young she is... she's HUGE!

Glad she's settling in so well, and Sid is being kind about salmon.

Jan Jones said...

Sid was probably too stunned to react to the salmon. But Flora could work her way into anyone's heart, surely?

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year, Kate!

Rachael said...

Happy New Year Kate & BM, glad Flora is settling in and I will check out this new romance throughout the year.
Best Wishes for 2008

Sandra Schwab said...

Happy new year, Kate! The furry babies are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I think there has got to be "Blackmail" somewhere in that title.

Very good to see the relationship unfolding.

Anonymous said...

Flora is adorable! (and so are all the others)

Hi Kate! I came across your blog link at eharlequin. I've been entertaining the idea of entering the presents contest, so reading up.

Happy New Year!

Passionate Dilettante said...

It's a girl! Goodness! Sid as sugar daddy?! She's beautiful. I've never heard of Maine Coon, but I'd never heard of Ragdolls either til our friends got their Baggins. Take a peek at http://waitingforskopelos.blogspot.com/2007/12/baggins.html
Handsome devil, hm?

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Kate. And to Sir Sid and his mistress too.

lidia said...

Happy New Year Kate!

The new kitty is precious. Sid is in love. The pictures of the two of them are cute.


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