Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kittens and polls

It's a long time since I had a kitten in the house. Sid has been with us for 10 years and he was about 18 months old when he walked through the door and into my life.

Dylan arrived as a five month old kitten but he was sick with cat flu and we had to nurse him through that so he wasn't really a playful kitten when young. So it was Spiffy who was the last young kitten who came here. That was 15+ years ago! Back when I was writing Something Missing and No Gentleman was on the bookshop shelves!

So I'd forgotten how crazy a kitten can be - and what fun. I'd forgotten how they can pounce on your fingers when you're typing so that your carefully planned words become %$!"**&GX^&%% instead. And I'd forgotten how kittens can get into all sorts of places and attack your toes as you walk past. Or do this -

But then there is the delight of a small furry thing scrabbling up on to the bed in the middle of the night and squirming close, pushing a little head under your hand so that you have to stroke it - all the time purring so hard you feel sure she'll burst with happiness.

And at other times she's quiet and sleepy and then she curls up in a corner and looks so small and sweet - the butter wouldn't melt image . . .

And then of course there is the picture that you all wanted to see - the Alpha Male softens just a bit . . .

Sorry to India's Ruby - and to Madeline's Sadie, but it looks like little Miss Flora is working her way into the Big Guy's heart! Do you think M&B would let me write a book with a hero called Sid and a heroine called Flora?

Can I just remind you that the poll for your votes for the present I should buy in my readers' names from the Oxfam Unwrapped catalogue closes on the last day of the year - in 11 hours from now. So please check out the poll in the sidebar and vote for your choice.
So far it's looking like those essential medicines again - it was a good choice last year and it's still a good one this year. But the water tank is popular too- if you haven't voted yet, please do so today.


Anne McAllister said...

>>Do you think M&B would let me write a book with a hero called Sid and a heroine called Flora?>>

Yes, but they'd probably call it The Alpha Cat's Feline Mistress. Are you sure you're up for that?

Anonymous said...

LOL at Anne's cat title!

Flora sounds so sweet! Our 'kitten' Magic is now nine months old and still does lots of those things. Has she had a 'mad half hour' yet?

Michelle Styles said...

Ah but you could write a book about cats causing the hero and heroine to get together.

Anne's title was a tea spraying moment btw.

Flora looks lovely.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Miss Flora is beautiful and looks snuggled and at home. :D

What a delightful treat to find...a new kitty. :D

Happy New Year, dear Kate!!!

Anonymous said...

Am also hosting a Maine Coon kitten and he is definitely more of a nooligan than Miss Flora. So far he has got stuck at the top of the sitting room curtains twice, had the fairy off the Christmas tree of three times and fallen in the bath (my bath) every other day.

I used to have peaceful, scented, candlelit baths, in which I read my friends' books. Now I am a cross between a Lifeguard and a theme park water chute. With scratches.

Kittens can seriously affect your reading . . .

Very best wishes for the New Year, Kate dear. We're gong to need it.

Wolfy said...

So glad you are getting so much pleasure from Flora. I hope that you have a great New Year's Eve and that 2008 is good to you. See you in the New Year!!

Madeline said...

Someday we will have to compare kitten mischief stories. I've got a hundred of them. Keyboards are only the beginning.

Flora looks like she is settling in well, and I knew Sir Sid would come around eventually.

LOL at Anne's book title. Go for it! Sid would make the perfect hard to get, Alpha Male Hero, and Flora looks like she could tame him quite well.

Have a great New Year. All the Best,Mads:)

Liz Fielding said...

Sir Sid -- the true alpha male would always be there for the little one. I bow in your direction, sir, you are a hero. And if your ed doesn't like the name Sid, Kate, you could always remind her that A Tale of Two Cities had a great hero with that name.

Happy New Year to you, the BM and feline aristocrats (cats?) everywhere.

Anna Adams said...

Had to come peer at Flora again, cause how cute is she? Our own Kitty is curled around the plastic top from a package of pens. For some reason that stuff's better than catnip to Maine Coon Cats. Kitty may be in a stupor, but he sends his kindest regards and best purrs to your feline fam!


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