Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What day is it?

Just to say that I really shouldn't go away - there is always too much to catch up on afterwards.

So while I'm getting documents to the accountant, the cat to the vet (routine injections) meeting someone in the bank, doing all the washing and putting away the unpacking . .

I do have a blog over on the Pink Heart Society where I'm talking about workshops as inspired by my visit to Guildford.

And I hope to be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you rather be flogged than unpack? I loathe unpacking! Our Maine Coon had to go to the vet, too, but unfortunately it was due to an arguement he got into with a neighbor's cat. No more outside for that boy unless I'm with him. Having to administer pills is something that will help me remember that!


Kate Walker said...

Oh Yes Linda - I swear that the stuff you pack grows in the case so that there is so much more of it to put away than the stuff you took with you.

Flora Sid and Dylan send commiserations to Justin for his trip to the vet. And I send you commiserations for having to give him pills. My 3 also had to have worming pills - Sid and Dylan jjst snarfed theirs down in super cat paté which they love but Madame Flora sniffed her treat, spotted that there was something else in there and walked away! Darn her.


Anonymous said...

How do they know? How do they know? Argh!!



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