Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where was I?

So how did it get to Saturday?

I could swear that the last time I looked it was only Monday - or maybe Tuesday. But then that was before the mad rush that usually marks the end of a book hit (Why can't my characters tell me all this at the beginning? Then life would be a lot easier and the bok written a lot quicker.)

Anyway, the book is done - Ricardo, bless his little brooding heart, has gone from my desk to my editor's so now I can wait and chew my nails in worry. (Repeat after me - no - the worry never ever goes away not after 5 books nor after 55. Somebody give me a crow scaring device. - well I have one of those at the moment - see below)

So as well as finishing the book I've also
a. Fallen asleep a lot - this tends to happen after living eating, breathing and not really sleeping the end of a book

b. Had my MIL visiting - she's still here so today we will be going out and about

c. Been trying to clean/sort/tidy my office - the emphasis here is on trying but a and b kept interfering.

d. Been visiting the We Write Romance special Presents Month blog. If you haven't been over there, you've missed some great posts and it's on for the rest of the month so why not visit. WWR are responsible for my crow scaring boost today so I'm very very grateful to them.

e. Been sorting out the details and events that I'm involved in for the Guildford Book Festival. The time table for that has just got a bit more hectic so now on Friday October 17th I'm committed to :
1. An interview on BBC Southern Counties Radio at 1.15

2. Workshop 3- 5pm – Writing Romantic Fiction

Guildford Institute (Old Billiard Room), Ward Street
3. The panel in the evening :
Girls' Night Hosted by Jane Wenham-Jones
19:00 Electric Theatre

So that's going to be a slightly busy day!
Luckily I'll be staying overnight in Guildforf with a chance to recover - though, knowing that Katie Ffforde and Roger (Gill) Sanderson are also going to be on the panel - with Jane W-H of course, I expect it will be the evening after the event that I'll need to recover from.

Finally, I've been making a contribution to the Romance Junkies traditional Halloween Contest. As always, this fantastic contest features many great prizes - so take a wander through the Haunted House, the Caverns or the Graveyard and see what you can find.
The contest is open until November 15th

Oh yes - and I found the answer to a mystery that I mentioned on the Pink Heart Society's blog on September 30th. But I'll come back to that as I can hear the Magnet and MIL stirring so I need to go and sort out breakfast.

But I'll leave you with the wonderful Crow Scaring Device in the shape of a review for Bedded By The Greek Billionaire from Alyson J on We Write Romance

Looking for that book that can make your heart bump up to your throat with emotion...and stay there throughout the entire book? Well, then look no farther. Kate Walker's Bedded by the Greek Billionaire is just that emotional thrill ride you've been looking for in your next read.

Naive teen, Jessica Marshall was just trying to find her place her stepfather's household when she made the worst mistake of her life. Caught in a compromising position with stable hand Angelos Rousakis after he'd only minutes before scorned her naive attempts at seduction, Jessica felt she had no choice but to claim Angelos had forced her into the position. Though she had acted out of hurt, fear and a bit of selfishness, she hadn't thought Angelos would be harmed. Much to her dismay, her stepfather had used the incident to force the boy to leave the Manorfield estates.

Greek Billionaire, Angelos Rousakis hadn't needed the money when he'd taken on the position of stable hand at Manorfield. He'd been searching for a link between him and the father he'd never known. One that even when confronted hadn't believed he'd was Angelos' father. All had been going well until the "princess" of the house had tempted him, forced herself on him, and blown the chance he'd had to get to know the man who'd bedded and then left his mother in Greece years before.

Now, Seven years later, Jessica's stepfather is dead and Angelos has returned to Manorfield to claim what's rightfully his. And not just the home he's spent the last couple years financially supporting after Jessica's stepfather had developed a serious gambling problem!

Jessica and Angelos' story is one full of emotional twists and turns. And though Jessica is not as emotionally mature as I would have liked, Angelos more than makes up for it. The two together are wonderful. This book was truly inspiring. It shows that as a teen we often make mistakes that can hurt others, but there are second chances in life that make it possible to make up for those mistakes. I would definitely recommend this book, but I would warn you not to start it unless you can stay up all night finishing it!
Alyson J - reviewer We Write

Thank you Alyson ! You made my day with this.

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priley65 said...

Hi Kate,

Congrats on getting your story finished. I'm looking forward to reading Bedded by the Greek Billionaire. I've heard nothing but great reviews.


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