Friday, August 26, 2011

Charlie's Choices

Hello again! Charlie here.

Having a birthday is a lot of fun - I had chicken (yum!) and salmon (yum!) and cat crunchies (yum!). I was kind and generous too and I shared them with Flora and Sir Sidney.  I went out in the garden  and chased Flora around. I climbed trees. And I snoozed in the sunshine.

It was ace. And now I have a number. I am one.  Not just months any more. I am a whole year old.

Then today my Mum says that I need to choose prizewinners from the blog. Thank you to everyone who left me birthday messages - they were all great.  Specially the ones that said I am so handsome.  That does happen to be true. Anne McAllister says that Sir Sidney is handsomer - but then she has never met me. And he is A Cat of Superior Breeding and her very Special Friend.

Anyway, Sir Sid has taught me how to pick winners (you can see a pic of him showing how it's done right here) and he says he always pick an extra one  cos that way you get more crunchy treats to eat. So -  my birthday winners are:

Kandy Shepherd

Gillian Wheatley


Marlena  Cassidy

You all win copies of My Mum's novella The Duke's Secret Wife - so please send her your postal address  to kate AT and she'll get your prize in the mail to you. If she can get to the post box in this rain! I don't want to go out in it, I can tell you. 

Oh - and I have to say sorry for the late announcement  but I  was sleeping off all of the excitement  of yesterday  on the bed and I've only just woken up enough to pick the winners.
Oh yes - and  if you think yesterday was  a party - just wait for this one -

To celebrate the publication of   The Return of The Stranger - in September in UK and in October in Australia and Harlequin Presents Extra - my Mum is planning a blog party and a special Virtual Book Tour  with Romance Book Paradise Promotions.

Check out the details here   and get ready to join in the fun.  It's all kicking off in September.

Right - that's enough words, I think I have a bit of chicken left over from yesterday  .. . 


Kandy Shepherd said...

Charlie, not only are you smart and beautiful, you are also generous! I am delighted to win a copy of Kate's novella. Thank you.

Nas said...

Congratulations to the winners! The Duke's Secret Wife is an awesome read!

sheandeen said...

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous kitty!

Kaelee said...

Happy belated birthday Charlie. You did grow up to be one handsome cat. Thank you Kate for all the wonderful pictures of Charlie.

Elisa DeLany said...

Yay! I can't wait to read your novella, Kate!

Kate Walker said...

Kandy - don't forget to send me your postal address!

Marlena, I have yours - but it's a Bank Holiday on Monday so the book will go in the mail on Tuesday.

Gillian? Are you there?

Kate Walker said...

PS To everyone who said how gorgeous Charlie is - it's very true - and he knows it!


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