Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Putting a to do list on the to do list . . .

At least that's what it feels like this week - I have about six To Do Lists on the go - and on one of them  is 'Find Diary - and put To Do List in it!'  A couple of months ago I invested ina bran new iphone ( Ok - honest admission - I inadvertently put  my old phone in the washing machine because it got caught up with a bundle of bed lined I'd just stripped off the bed  and shoved in the washer.)   I love my iphone - it has my life in it now, so heavens only  knows what I'd do if I washed this one!  But I  still have a penandpaper To List  as backup and I haven't quite correlated the two yet.

Add in a book dangerously close to its dreadline

Add in major revamping plans on the house - knock through kitchen/build garden room/renew central heating . ..  all going to be fabulous - but all needing time and energy to plan

Add in a  new book coming out  - you know the one - The Return of the  Stranger with that fabulous cover. And  that means lots of blog posts - a Virtual Book Tour  - and one major interview (more of that later) because people want to know about this one  a lot.  (Can I also just sneak in a mention of the fact that it's still at #1  on the Mills and Boon site  - this is the 3rd week it's up there! )

Add in that I said I'd tell you more about it  and I haven't done yet . . .

Add in that there is the New Voices contest coming up - cue Worksop at Ashby Library  on 31st August .. .  You can find the details here - and the wonderful Heather from We Write Romance  who  updates my site for me has reorganised  my Events page so that it's easier for you to find out what's going on when (Thank you Heather!)

You get the idea? But talking of New Voices - don't forget to visit The Pink Heart Society today where Editor Flo Nicholls has given her Top Tips for those of you planning on entering the contest.  Lots of good advice there.

Tomorrow is an important day for one member of this household - clue - its one  of the ones with fur, whiskers and a tail.   There will be celebrations and  a party - with lots of treats  and maybe some give aways  for those of you who don't like supermeat with chicken . . .
So come back tomorrow to join in the celebrations.


Sonali said...

Third week major congrats coming your way...yay for 'The Return of the Stranger'

Trish Morey said...

Kate, I just bought this yesterday for my Sony! Some great reading for the plane:-))

Congrats on being in third week at numero uno! Fantastic!

Raven McAllan said...

Hi Kate! *paws in the air* WE like chicken supermeat.and turkey, cod, salmon, lamb... well you get the idea?
the lady who laughing thinks she owns us (WE know better) reads your blog out loud. we pretend not to listen but mmraow, purr we do really.
love to your furry one from us two furry ones xx
ps we are Smudge and Jazz and own Joanne AND Raven

Nas said...

Happy Birthday to Charlie!

Congratulations to The Return of The Stranger being on No 1 for the third week running!

Marilyn Shoemaker said on FB that the hero looks like Mc Steamy from Grey's Anantomy and I so agree!

Elisa DeLany said...

Congratulations on the number 1 spot for three weeks! I'm not surprised though; you're such an awesome writer!

I hope your to do list hopefully calms down a bit in the near future.

Anonymous said...

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