Thursday, July 03, 2014

Ruby's progress

People have been asking how Ruby is doing  -it's a while since I posted anything about her  (and Charlie).   So - to rectify that.

Ruby has been growing steadily and  healthily. She is now a  beautiful and sturdy  8 month old queen. (9 months  next Wednesday. She has  the Babe Magnet totally under her little white paw - and big brother Charlie is far more smitten with her than he will admit.   They play pouncing  and chasing games together, either up and down the stairs or round the garden. But she has the advantage of him there as she is a brilliant climber of tress and  she can scramble up high,. leaving him well behind.

She is also the home supervisor, checking on everything from washing to mopping the floor - or the  efficiency of the shower.  She loves to go into it and study the water drops after the shower has been used.

She has also realised that a writer needs  a little companionship when working on a book or anything else that involves using the computer and keyboard. So she has taken up the traditional cat's position on my desk - between keyboard and computer screen.  Like this

In this she is following in the paws of many cats before her - like the wonderful Sir Sidney ACOSB  (A Cat of Superior Breeding)


And the beautiful Flora . Both sadly missed.
Flora Flooziebelle

And if you want to compare her size with  big brother Charlie - well, as you can see he  still is and always be her BIG brother, no matter how much she grows.

On other matters  -  thanks to my lovey and efficient web designer Heather Reed, my web site has been updated with  all the details about the new Kindle edition of the 12 Point Guide - and the upcoming events/writing courses over the next few month.


Donna Alward said...

Ruby is beautiful!

Kate Walker said...

Hello Donna - lovely to see you here. Ruby is indeed beautiful - and she knows it! She has Charlie - and the Babe Magnet - wrapped round her little paws.


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