Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Manga Comic in English

New covers are always great - and it's fascinating to see how the particular art departments in different countries have interpreted the way my hero and heroine look.

 Amongst those, the Manga editions are extra special - totally unique. I recently received two of the Japanese into Manga into English Manga comic editions and the way the hero's hair is shown is often unexpected. 

 After the purple hair for the Twelve Month Mistress, my Sicilian hero  in The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge  does not have a straggly pony tail - and my Greek shipping tycoon newly 'back from the dead' in The Good Greek Wife doesn't sport a bouffant grey/white/black streaked hair do! But they're interesting. 

And it's great to see old books like No Holding Back coming out, revived and revamped in these new formats

1 comment:

Melissa Morgan said...

Hi Kate, yes, those hero hairstyles are certainly interesting! And what about the HUGE swimming eyes of the heroines??! xx


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