Friday, July 27, 2018

Book Challenge 3

Day 3 of 7: I've accepted a challenge from  who is obviously as nosey as I am about the books that people love! Each day for seven days, I will post the cover of a book I love with no explanation (well, maybe a little comment if I feel like saying something!)and no reviews. Each day I'm supposed to invite a friend to join the challenge. I'll pass on the 'tagging' bit of this because I know how sometimes it can be a bit too much to take on something else - but if any friend cares to join in (yes - I really am nosey, just dodging the issue!) the please tag me to let me know so that I can visit your Facebook page and satisfy my curiosity - and maybe collect a few new titles for my mountainous TBR pile - like that is something I really need!
Today's book is a bit of a cheat - it's what I'd call my Desert Island book if I was ever put on Desert Island Discs and had to choose one book to take with me.

One book?! 😯
I would have to ask for the whole series to be in one collected volume so I could
take all six with me! I could quite happily read all 6 books through and then go back and start at the beginning. A complex historical novel with a complex and ambiguous hero - spying, intrigue, betrayal - kings, queens, Knights Templar, battles . . . . And at the centre of it all an amazing, heart twisting love story.

Remember those photos with friends and fellow authors posing as the heroine for my book A Proposal To Secure His Vengeance? Well now the editors are getting in on the act - Raoul Cardini had better watch out because Flo Nicoll is Senior Editor for Presents and she won't take any nonsense from any hero - alpha or not!

I thinks she works very well as  my heroine Imogen O'Sullivan because she's much as I have described  Imogen.

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