Thursday, August 17, 2006

Upstaged By A Cat

I suppose it had to happen - give a cat a blog mention and he'll take the whole posting.

Many of you will already know of my cat Sid's bid to become a Cyber Star - and today it looks as if he has achieved his aim.

Not content with appearing with regularity on my web site, with winning bribes and flattery by those who enter my contests and know that it is he who chooses the winners - I have even had promises of tuna or a smackeral of salmon sent through the mail - I found this morning that he has hijacked (or should that be hicatted? Catjacked?) the whole of Anne McAllister's blog posting for today.

So what can I say that would not be supurrfluous? Trying to improve on purrfection is just not possible - and so, dear readers - as I am on my way out for the day and may not have a chance to post again - I leave you in some very capable (and some very sizeable) paws - and I give you



2paw said...

Sid is so regal and he HAS catjacked your blog!! I fact he looks like it has always been his!!

Anne McAllister said...

My dear Sir Sidney

I am sorry you were displeased with the pawtrait of The Phraud on my website. I only wanted people to be aware that Another Feline was masquerading as you. I have remedied the problem by adding several more pawtraits of YOU so that there can be no confusion as to which photos are YOU and which are The Phraud.

Thank you for visiting!

Your devoted Lady Across The Pond,

Anonymous said...

Kate, even though I would be sneezing from a few feet away within minutes of meeting him, even I can see he's a truly kingly cat! x Daisy

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Kate, mega congrats at winning the award for the HMB Modern category over on the pink carpet at Cataromance!
Sue :-D

Danica/Dream said...

Well, you know, Sid IS a rather magnificent cat.

Sir Sidney St John Willoughby Portly-Lummox said...

From the Desk of Sir Sidney

2paw - Of course you are right! This has always been my blog, it's just that my Mum insists on filling it with a lot of rubbish about books.

My dear LATP
Welcome to my blog. I will forgive the appurrance of one Phraud on your blog seeing as you have remedied the matter in so suitable away - and, I have no doubt, to the delight of your readers. I am testing out your bed for when you visit in September. With purrs and head butts.

Daisy - I am sure that if you were to visit, you wold see that meeting me would be worth a few sneezles. Kingky cat - that is remarkably apposite.

Sue - welcome to my blog even if you insist on talking about books. But then I am proud of My Mum's achievements and I will pass on your message to her.

Danica/Dream - but of course. You have such good taste. But I would have to point out that you have included a superfluous word in your comment - 'rather' - I am sure you simply meant to write 'Sid is a magnificent cat.'

My best purrs to you all

Sir Sidney St John Willoughby Portly-Lummox


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