Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Busy with a Greek . . .

Andreas has his memory back and he's keeping me very busy - so here's a quick catch up.

1. The Christmas Card poll is closed and the gift I will be buying from Oxfam Unwrapped instead of sending Christmas Cards to my readers will be Essential Medicines for a village for 6 months. And because, as someone very sensibly said, those medicine need safe water to drink in order to take them, I'm including safe water for 50 in with that. Thank you to everyone who helped me choose.

2. The Christmas Stocking Contest runs until December 10th - so you still have time to enter if you want. Details are on my Contest Page - but please answer the questions! I've lost count of how many entries I just can't accept because they haven't even mentioned the questions - just sent me their name and address. Sorry - no - those entries just get deleted. If you want a chance to win - answer the questions!

I have two more books and authors to write up - Nicola Cornick and Annie West - details of those coming soon.

3. From tonight I will be getting Sid on the job to pick a daily winner from me Newsletter 12 Days Of Christmas contest. This is only open to my Newsletter group - but you can sign up now and enter - just use the link in my sidebar or any of the links on my web site - or even here.

4. And finally - my February release - The Italian's Forced Bride - cotinues with its reputation for making readers cry. I just heard from the first American reader who said it reduced her to tears. She also made a lovely comment about one scene that I can't repeat here because it has a definite spoiler in it, but she added : It was a wonderful story. Definitely a keeper. Thanks Chris for letting me know! (Chris got hold of a copy early because she bought a UK copy when she was on my course in Fishguard in November - but USA readers should be able to order it from the eHarlequin site from January.
Right - back to Andreas . . . The inspiration I posted yesterday and the day before has really helped.


Anna Adams said...

Beautiful gifts for Christmas, Kate! It's so thoughtful of you.

And what lovely stockings.

I hope the Greek is treating you well--I love amnesia stories. This one's going to be hard to wait for! I'm glad I can order The Italian's Forced Bride next month.

Hey, on my own blog, I asked about your typical writing day. Sometime, when you're not so busy--I got curious before I remembered holidays and deadlines, in no particular order--I'd love to hear if you have a day that's typical!

Anonymous said...

You're most welcome Kate.

I'm happy to hear that Andreas has his memory back.

I've been keeping it simple and digging deep and it seems to be working.



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