Sunday, December 03, 2006

Can you tell a book . . .

. . .by its cover?

The results of the annual Cover Café Worst Covers 2005 have been announced. So it you want to take a look at the incredible green-legged man, the daring one-legged one-armed twin or the fiery Celtic Cliché, take a look at the Cover Café results here. But be warned - don't try drinking any tea or even water while you view - snorting liquids can be painful.

There are the winners of the best covers up there too - including a beautiful one by brilliant UK historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick - and they're worth a look. But the Worst Covers are by far the best value.

1 comment:

Sharon J said...

LOL. I'll never again complain about HMB covers! Mind you, they've improved considerably over the past few months.


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